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5 exciting things happening next year

UAlberta has some amazing student events every year and there's some great things coming up that you won't want to miss! Plus Edmonton (where UAlberta is located) is a vibrant, growing city that has a lot of new arts, culture and sports facilities opening this year.   If you're coming to...
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Preparing to come to UAlberta

Preparing to come to UAlberta: answering your top questions!   Coming to study at UAlberta this fall? We bet you’re excited, but probably have a lot of questions! Many international students who come to UAlberta have never been to Canada and we get a lot of questions about weather, clothing...
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5 reasons Spring in Edmonton is amazing

  A big myth about Edmonton is that it’s always cold, but that’s not true! Edmonton, like most Canadian cities, gets four seasons and by March or April, average temperatures can be around 15 degrees C or 60 F. By May, the days are also longer, with the sun setting around 9 pm, so it’s a great...
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Exploring the world through UAlberta

While attending UAlberta you get the chance to explore Edmonton, Western Canada and even the rest of the world!   UAlberta is a highly recognized and respected institution, which has partnerships with postsecondary schools and programs all over the world. There are various opportunities that...
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Exploring the areas around UAlberta

UAlberta’s campuses are beautiful, with a mixture of historic and modern architecture. The areas around them are also equally charming, with a lot of unique features.   Below are some of the things you can look forward to in each area around UAlberta’s five campuses.  Garneau...
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UAlberta Focus: Places to Eat

The University of Alberta has multiple food courts and restaurants on and around campus for students, employees, and visitors to enjoy. Check out some of the places you can stop by for lunch when you study at the U of A.       1.     Van Vliet Sports...
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