Welcome to the Van Vliet Centre and the Universiade Pavilion!

Staying active while you are in school is really important. At UAlberta, the Van Vliet Centre is the home of the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation, as well as the most popular place to work out. There are so many different facilities to use and activities to do, you can try out whatever you’d like. You just need your ONEcard to access the facilities! Keep reading to find out some of my favourite things to check out at Van Vliet.

East and West Pools

Like to swim? There are two pools at Van Vliet: the East Pool and the West Pool (Winslow and Christian Hamilton Memorial Pool).  You can go for a morning fitness swim, take classes, or even check out kayaking lessons!

Fitness and Lifestyle Centre

In the Fitness and Lifestyle Centre, you will find all sorts of equipment like weights, treadmills, bikes, and other machines. Many students use this centre during the school year, so there are always people to exercise with!


Ice Hockey

Whether it’s watching a Golden Bears hockey game, or trying out hockey for yourself on an intramurals team with your friends, the Clare Drake Arena is where you’ll find everything hockey related!


Love to run but worried about the snow? You can go running inside on the track in the “Butterdome” (the nickname for the Universiade Pavilion, which is a large yellow building). This is a very popular spot for runners to hang out! The Butterdome is also used for large group sports like dodgeball, or for badminton along the sides of the track.

Climbing wall

Have you ever tried rock climbing? The climbing wall in the Butterdome is a great place to learn! For a small extra fee, you can work on climbing either small or very tall walls. The trained staff are always very helpful if you have any questions!

There are so many other things to see in the Van Vliet Centre and the Butterdome - you will have to check it out for yourself! Happy exercising!

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Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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