Welcome to the Old Arts Building!

Welcome to the Old Arts Building at UAlberta! This was the original arts building on the UAlberta campus, built in 1915. In the past, it was home to lecture rooms, laboratories, and offices. Currently, the old arts building is used for administrative purposes and for performances in Convocation Hall. See a video tour.

Although there are no lectures in this building, it is still a great place for students to study. There is a student lounge right near the entrance of the building, and if you are lucky you may just hear some beautiful music floating down the hall from the piano, harpsichord, or organ in Convocation Hall.

The Old Arts Building is also a great place to just wander around and look at. The beautiful structure and decor of the main entrance makes it a popular place for photos.

Convocation Hall is a large performance space in the Old Arts Building. This space is mostly used for recitals and chamber music ensembles, however it is sometimes rented out during the summer months for special events like weddings. Convocation hall has two nine-foot Steinway Concert Grand Pianos, and the Department of Music's fortepiano, harpsichord, and Casavant Organ.

(Photo credit: University of Alberta Department of Music)

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Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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