Welcome to SUB: the Students' Union Building!

The Students’ Union Building is more commonly known as SUB. This is a really popular hangout spot for students because of the various spaces and services offered. Find out more about SUB below!

Cafeteria/Food Court

The cafeteria in SUB is a great place to grab a quick coffee or lunch with friends! There are quite a few food options and lots of tables.

Study space

Check out all the study spots in SUB! Whether you need a table to work on group projects or are looking for quiet or silent study spots, SUB has it all.

Above: The Alumni Room, a silent study room in SUB.


SUB is home to the UAlberta Bookstore. You will most likely buy many of your books at this store, so it’s a good idea to know where you’re going. Also, you can find all your U of A clothing here so you can show your school spirit!

Above: The University Bookstore in SUB.

Student Services

Many of the student services offered by UAlberta are housed in SUB. These include the Campus Food Bank, Financial Aid Office, CAPS career centre, Peer Support Centre, and Student Group Services. All these services make SUB a very popular stop for many students!

Above: (Left) The Campus Food Bank and Financial Aid office in SUB. (Right) Many services are located on the second floor of SUB.

University Health Centre

Need to see a nurse or doctor? The University Health Centre is upstairs on the second floor of SUB.  The clinic is open weekdays and you have access if you are a full time or part time student.

Myer Horowitz Theatre/Dinwoodie Lounge

The Meyer Horowitz theatre is a 680-seat concert hall where you can enjoy the fine arts or other fun student-organized events like movie nights! Dinwoodie lounge is a large, multi-purpose space that hosts everything from comedy nights to poster sales to concerts!

Above: (Left) Dinwoodie lounge entrace. (Right) A concert in Dinwoodie lounge [photo credit: University of Alberta Students' Union]

Students Union

Wondering where to find the Students’ Union Executive? Their offices are up on the second floor of SUB! The Students’ Union is the official body that represents all undergraduate students and advocates for students at the university at all levels of government. They also operate student-focused business and offer many different student services!

Above: The 2013-2014 UAlberta Students' Union Executive - William Lau, Dustin Chelen, Petros Kusmu, Joshua Le, Adam Woods [photo credit: William Lau]


Want to hang out with friends in an inviting pub atmosphere? Room at the top (RATT) is the UAlberta pub on the 7th floor of SUB. Whether you are grabbing lunch, watching the game, or trying out some Karaoke, RATT is definitely a popular spot to hang out at!

Above: RATT, on the top level of SUB [photo credit: The Gateway Online]

These are only some of the awesome services that are found in SUB. Find out more about the UAlberta Student’s Union and SUB here.

Hope to see you in SUB soon! Find out more about Studying in Canada here


Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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