Viewing the Aurora Borealis


(This awesome photo was taken by  Olivier Du Tré)

Imagine looking up at the sky at night and seeing swirling colour lights. A pretty awesome sight for sure but most people in the world will never see this amazing natural phenomenon call the Aurora Borealis or most commonly known as the Northern Lights. This is because the Aurora Borealis can really only been seen in the northern hemisphere, and the best place to see it is in northwestern parts of Canada, like Edmonton! In fact the University of Alberta even has a team of researches that run the “Aurorawatch” website that provides a real-time monitor of the geomagnetic activity in Edmonton area and alerts people when there is a high probability of seeing the northern lights.  Many Edmontonions take seeing the Northern Lights for granted but people from all over the world will take excursions to northern Canada just to see them, so when you come here from wherever in the world you are from make sure to take some time an enjoy the beautiful night sky of your new home away from home!


(This photos was taken by: Matt Melnyk)



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