7 things that you can do in the Main Quad at UAlberta

Welcome to the Main Quad on the UAlberta North Campus!

university of alberta quad

A "Quad” is basically a big beautiful park in the middle of the campus. The word “Quad” comes from the word “quadrangle,” which means a flat shape with four sides… or in this case, a flat space with four sides.

The “Main Quad” at the University of Alberta is located in an area that  is surrounded by the Students’ Union Building (SUB), the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS), and several other major buildings. 

It's a big beautiful open space for students, professors, and staff to enjoy as they wish. 

Here are some of the top things to do when you're in the Main Quad:

1. Relax and hang out with friends

ualberta students in quad

Looking for a break between classes?  Have a seat at a bench, picnic table, or on the grass and enjoy the fresh air.

2. Eat at a food truck

filistix food truck

Feeling hungry?  Stop at a food truck like Filistix and enjoy your delicious meal in the outdoors.

3. Stare up at the sky

alberta blue sky

People say it all the time and it’s true: there is nothing like the blue Alberta sky.  So sit back, relax, and clear your mind while you stare up at the sky and the clouds.

4. Play sports and games

ualberta playing croquet

Get some physical activity in and have fun playing a game of Frisbee, croquet, or throw a football around with your friends.

5. Watch the rabbits & squirrels!

ualberta squirrel

With so much green space on campus, it’s common to see squirrels, birds, and rabbits enjoying the Quad as well.  If you're an animal lover, then it’s a great place to go and spot some local wildlife.

6. Go to social events

ualberta pancake breakfast

The Quad is a gathering place for the UAlberta community. There are many special events hosted here throughout the year, such as Clubs FairAntifreeze (a campus-wide winter competition with a series of indoor and outdoor challenges), and  Celebrate World Environment Day.

7. Study!

studying at ualberta

When you need to prepare for classes, the Quad is also an excellent place to study. After all, what could be more inspiring than the great outdoors?   If you need to hit the books, then you might as well do it in one of the most beautiful and scenic places on campus!



Come and enjoy the Main Quad and explore the rest of campus!  Get more information on UAlberta and how to apply




Article by Julia Jones-Bourque


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