UAlberta Focus: Places to Eat

The University of Alberta has multiple food courts and restaurants on and around campus for students, employees, and visitors to enjoy. Check out some of the places you can stop by for lunch when you study at the U of A.    


1.     Van Vliet Sports Complex

Photo credit: Maryn Sommerfeldt

If you’re looking to grab some healthy food – fast – in between your classes or workouts, the Sports Complex has a couple different places to eat on its multiple floors. The Sports Complex is centrally located as well, so it is easy to access from any part of North Campus. Salads, wraps, smoothies, and more are available here.

2.     SUB


Photo credit: Maryn Sommerfeldt

The Student’s Union Building (SUB) is a great place to collectively hang out, study, shop, or relax. The food court has various types of food, from café breakfasts to donairs and sandwiches. SUB also has a newly implemented SUBMart, a small convenience and grocery store right beside the food court. If you’re looking to grab some fruit, vegetables, or milk on campus, SUBMart is the place to go! Every week as well, SUB turns into a farmer’s market. Local vendors bring their fresh produce, fruit, desserts, and dishes to SUB to be sold to students.

3.    HUB

Photo credit: Maryn Sommerfeldt; UAlberta Residences

HUB Mall is a long building with an incredible amount of restaurants inside. Over on the East side of campus (and close to the International Centre), HUB Mall features food options from health options, to Greek, to Japanese, to Korean, to Mexican, to Italian, to American. There are tables and chairs on multi-level student lounges where you can eat and study.

4.    Lister Hall

Photo credit: University of Alberta Residences

Lister Hall is a student housing complex, in the south-west corner of campus, a short walk from the Engineering and Medicine buildings. Inside the front building is a “food emporium,” which you can walk through and grab your favourite dishes. There is a salad station, a deli station, a grill station, a noodle station, and a Middle Eastern cuisine station, just to name a few!

5.     CAB

Photo credit: U of A Inside Out

The Central Academic Building (CAB) overlooks main Quad and connects the South Academic Building to various Sciences buildings, including CCIS. There are two floors of tables and couches, with places to eat on either floor as well. If you’re craving a donut or coffee on your way to class, CAB has not one – but two – Tim Horton's (a popular donut and coffee shop). There is also a popular restaurant, Filistix, which has multiple locations on campus to serve its delicious Filipino rice bowls. On warm days, you might even catch their Food Truck driving around campus.


6.    Dewey's

Photo credit: Woa Blog; Gateway Online

Judging by the outside of the building, it would be a far guess to assume there’s a restaurant inside. Once the University’s power plant, Dewey’s is now a unique restaurant on campus, beside the Rutherford Library and South & Central Academic Buildings. Inside you can enjoy food, drinks, and snacks, while relaxing at their tables on the main floor or the couches in the upstairs loft. Also inside Dewey’s is a pool table hall, where you can gather some friends for a serious tournament, or catch the hockey game on their TVs. Dewey’s also accepts OneCard payments.



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Article by Maryn Sommerfeldt

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