UAlberta International Research Internship Poster Symposium


The University of Alberta is one of the world’s top research facilities and has a long history of making breakthroughs in various research disciplines. It is in the spirit that in 2010 the University launched the University of Alberta Research Internship Program, which offers international visiting students a chance to work side by side with top UAlberta researcher’s and gain invaluable hands on experience in their research discipline of choice.  Not only do students engage in research however, they are also given a chance to share their research with their fellow interns and other University researchers, as well as the community at large at the UAlberta Research Internship Poster Symposium.

At the Poster Symposium students are exposed to their colleges work in various research projects that they have been working on and get a chance to meet people from all over the world. In fact, since its inception, the internship program has seen students come from countries such as China, Germany, India, Brazil, and the United States. The students had many interesting things to say about their experience at UAlberta including their excitement at being able to work side by side with respected researchers. Undergraduate researchers are paired with faculty mentors who empower students to take ownership of their work. Student contribution to research projects help make a difference to the university and the community at large, and the benefits to the Undergrads are priceless, as they take their work and use it as a stepping stone to further research or toward dental, medical and other graduate disciplines.


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