UAlberta Campus Secrets: Bridges and Shortcuts

UAlberta North Campus is massive. It only makes sense considering we have so many programs and tons of students! Many students worry about getting to their classes from one building to another, especially if it is raining or snowing. Don’t worry – UAlberta has got you covered! There are tons of shortcuts, joined buildings, and indoor bridges that will help you get to where you’re going.

Students’ Union Building (SUB) to the Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex (ETLC)

Let’s start off in the Students' Union Building (SUB). SUB connects to the Agriculture Forestry Building (AgFor) through a second level indoor bridge (we call them “pedways” in Canada!), located around the corner from Dinwoodie Lounge. If you are an ALES student, you will probably have some classes in this building. 

Above: (Left) Common area in SUB. (Centre) Dinwoodie lounge in SUB. (Right) Outside view of AgFor.

Once in AgFor, you can walk down the stairs by the giant tree slice (seen below!) and head towards the General Services Buidling (GSB) through the ground level indoor bridge. If you follow the signs, you will head back up the stairs and go right into the Natural Resources Engineering Facility (NREF), where many mining engineering classes are held. NREF then connects to the Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex (ETLC) through an indoor bridge on the second floor. If you are in engineering or sciences, you will probably have classes here.

Above: (Left) 900 year old tree slice in AgFor. (Centre) Common areas in NREF and ETLC (Right) Outside view of ETLC.

South Academic Building (SAB) to Biological Sciences (BioSci)

The entrance to SAB is right by the bus terminal. After walking through SAB, you will end up in the Central Academic Building (CAB). Here you will find Tim Horton’s, a cafeteria, infolink, and an entrance to Cameron Library. CAB also has lecture halls on the upper levels which host a variety of classes from different faculties. 

Above: (Left) Outside view of SAB. (Centre) Cafeteria in CAB. (Right) Entrance to Cameron Library.

Right after CAB is the Chemistry Building (Chem). The first two levels are full of undergraduate chemistry labs, so if you are taking a chemistry class you will definitely be in this building! If you keep walking straight, you end up in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences (CCIS). CCIS is the home of the Faculty of Science office, as well as many lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories, offices, and common areas. CCIS is always a busy place, but don’t forget to check out the observatory on the roof! Last on our stop is the Biological Sciences Building (BioSci), which is full of offices, laboratories and classrooms. It also is home to the Museum of Zoology and the Vascular Plant Herbarium.

Above: (Left) Main hallway in the Chemistry Building. (Centre) Overlooking the CCIS atrium. (Right) Outside view of BioSci.

Timms Centre for the Arts (Timms) through HUB to Tory Building (Tory)

Timm’s is where you’ll go if you are checking out theatre productions on campus (fun fact: many of these productions have special student discounts). If you walk up the stairs by the box office, you will see an indoor bridge leading you to the Fine Arts Building (FAB). You can always hear musical instruments, see sculptures, or take a look at the featured art in the display cases while you’re in FAB, as this is where the students in fine arts will have many of their classes.  

Above: (Left) Outside view of Timms. (Centre) Outside view of FAB. (Right) Student artwork display in FAB.

There's another indoor bridge from FAB leading you right into HUB where you can grab snacks, browse the shops, or meet up with friends. In the middle of HUB there is an indoor bridge that will lead you right to the Rutherford Library

Above: (Left) A look down HUB. (Right) Entrance into Rutherford Library South.

The south side of HUB gives you two options: head into the Humanities Centre, where many arts classes are held, or head the opposite way into the Tory-Business Atrium. The Tory Building (Tory) is on one side of the atrium and is also a popular location for many arts classes. The Business Building is on the other side of the atrium and is where the majority of business classes are held. There is even a library on one of the upper levels!

Above: (Left) Upper level hallway in Humanities. (Centre) A view of Tory from the atrium. (Right) Outside view of Business.

I hope these shortcuts help you find your way and get there fast. I hope to see you walking around campus soon!

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Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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