UAlberta Focus: The Bookstore

The University of Alberta’s Bookstore is more than just a bookstore. Centred in the Student’s Union Building (SUB), the Bookstore is easily accessible from any point on Main Campus. Here are just some of the many things that are available at the U of A Bookstore.  

1.     Textbooks

Photo credit: Maryn Sommerfeldt

Being a bookstore, it makes sense for it to carry books. The UAlberta Bookstore carries all of the textbooks you will need for your respective classes, offering them new and used. The Bookstore also has a “buy back” program so that you can get rid of textbooks you no longer need. In addition to textbooks, the Bookstore also carries a large selection of fiction and non-fiction books – everything from biographies, to novels, to instruction guides, to comic books – for your own personal enjoyment and reading.

2.     Pharmacy

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Just outside the Bookstore is the new University Health Centre Pharmacy. This full-service pharmacy can help you with prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, health products, immunizations, and travel consultations. It is open Monday-Friday for your convenience.

3.    School Supplies

Photo credit: Maryn Sommerfeldt

Located on both floors of the Bookstore are various supplies you might need for class. You can grab a pen, highlighter, binder, folder, field book, or even a lab coat and stethoscope. These items are spread throughout the store, which gives you a good opportunity to graze and shop.

4.    Backpacks


Photo credit: Maryn Sommerfeldt

The UAlberta Bookstore carries a large selection of some of the coolest backpacks around. Various brands and types of bags are sold; whether you need a gym bag to work out at the newly renovated Van Vliet Sports Complex, or a backpack for everyday use, the Bookstore has you covered.

5.     Gifts

Photo credit: Maryn Sommerfeldt

The UAlberta Bookstore is not your typical bookstore – it even sells gifts! If you want to send a postcard or some maple syrup home, the Bookstore has that available for purchase. If you want to buy some new socks or mittens, the Bookstore has that too. And if you want to buy little fun gifts like foam footballs, back scratchers, onesie pyjamas, or stuffed animals, you can get it all at the Bookstore. The bookstore even sells tissue paper and gift bags so you can wrap the gifts up too.

6.    Swag (UAlberta Merchandise)

Photo credit: Maryn Sommerfeldt

The University of Alberta sells a lot of licenced merchandise, which you will see being worn all over campus. The place to get your Golden Bears hat or University sweatshirt is at the Bookstore. Every semester they introduce more apparel so the selection is always changing. The Bookstore sells hoodies, t-shirts, workout clothes, hats, mittens, and even UAlberta swag for babies and children.


In addition to clothing, you can also buy U of A posters, flags, key chains, and more.




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Article by Maryn Sommerfeldt

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