Top 10 Winter Activities in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton gets a lot of snow, but we make the best of it. Here are the top 10 activities to do during winter!


1) Sledding or Snowshoeing: Edmonton is built around a very large river valley – so there are a lot of hills to sled down and lots of trails to explore!


Sledding or "tobogganing" is a common recreational actitivy in Canada where you slide down a snowy hill on a sled or long pieces of plastic with handles on them. Snowshoes are large attachable, flat shoes that allow a person to walk on top of large piles of snow. Photos courtesy of Edmonton Tourism.


2) Ice skating at City Hall: City Hall is just a short subway ride from UAlberta and has one of the most picturesque rinks in all of Edmonton. 


3) Go out with friends and experience local nightlife: Whyte Avenue (just a few minutes by bus from UAlberta’s main campus) has 5 city blocks of bars, restaurants, live music venues, shops and cafes. 

Images courtesy of The Pawn Shop and Edmonton Tourism.


4) Winter Festivals: Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean the festivals stop! Edmonton hosts multiple outdoor festivals through the winter months including live music, markets, ice carving competitions and more!  

Images courtesy of All Is Bright Festival and Anthony P Jones.


5) West Edmonton Mall: Take a direct bus from UAlberta's main campus and explore North America’s largest shopping mall. Not only does this mall have 800 stores but, it is also home to the world’s largest indoor wave pool, rollercoasters, a giant pirate ship, zip-lining and more! 


6) Visit an art gallery: The Art Gallery of Alberta is located above the Churchill subway station (only a few minutes ride from UAlberta's main campus) and hosts three floors of galleries featuring both historical and contemporary art from around the world. Plus admission is free on the last Thursday night of every month! You can also visit local art galleries found along 124 Street, which are all free to view.  


Images courtesy of Jennifer Bergman and Edmonton Tourism.


7) UAlberta Intramurals & Recreational Activities: Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t be active!  From archery to rock climbing, UAlberta has plenty of indoor sports and activities to choose from. 


8) Escape to the mountains: The Canadian Rocky Mountains are only a few hours away! Take a bus with friends or join UAlberta’s Ski and Snowboard Club which takes students on regular weekend trips to the mountains.  

Images courtesy of Ski Club, Edmonton Tourism and Christopher Martin.


9) Watch local theatre:  Watch UAlberta student theatre at the Timms Centre for the Arts on campus or see a wide-range of theatrical productions at the various theatres located only a few minutes from UAlberta's main campus by bus or subway.  

Image courtesy of Catalyst Theatre.


10) Explore the Universe through UAlberta’s Observatory:  The University of Alberta’s Observatory, located on the top of the CCIS building, is open to the public for free on Thursdays – look through the telescopes or see the meteorite collection! 


Are you still a bit unsure of snow and cold temperatures? Don’t be! We bust some of the most common winter myths for you: 


Written by Alyssa Ott


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