Things to do during Exam and Winter Season at the University of Alberta


December is a very busy time for everyone at UAlberta: students around campus are rushing to get their last minute projects done in time for exam season, and then there is the actual studying for exams that takes place in study halls and computer labs all over campus. Despite this generally busyness however students also are finding time to see friends and explore the city a bit before exam season ends and students go back home for the holidays. We decided it would be fun to create a small list of things to do in Edmonton during exam season (everyone needs a study break!), and for those of us who won’t be flying back home for the holiday. So bundle up, grab a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate and come explore the city with us!

Explore the Devonian Botanic Garden

We have written before about the joys of visiting the Devonian gardens during the summer, but what many people do not know is that the Devonian garden does open up for special events during the winter, including this coming weekend's Kurimoto Japanese Garden event. Visitors to the garden will be able to stroll down candle-lit pathways, sip hot apple cider by bonfires, and enjoy wonderful music as they view the ice sculptures all around the garden. A wonderful way to welcome the holiday season for sure!

Stroll down Whyte Ave

While walking down Whyte Ave is something everyone loves to do during summer, exploring it during winter will surely endear you to the street even more as you take a look into the Christmas window displays that line the street for the holiday season. Until early January, Edmontonions can view nine special window displays brought alive by wonderful art and animatronics.

Go Skiing or Snowboarding in the City


Getting some exercise during exam season is important to keeping our brain active and healthy while you’re studying and a fun way to do that is to enjoy the snow by skiing and snowboarding right here in the city. One of the popular ski hill in the city is Rabbit Hill where there are a series of runs for anyone from beginners to intermediate and advance. So go ahead and rent some skis or a board and enjoy a fantastic time in the snow!    



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