Sustainability Awareness Week

At the University of Alberta, Students, and their lives outside academia is just as important as their life within it. So events like International Week (coming in a few months) and Week of Welcome are meant to foster a sense of community that you can only get by getting together with fellow like minded students in the community. Sustainability Awareness Week is exactly this type of event. Every year, during the first semester of the University year, the whole campus, from students to faculty to administration, all get together to get involved and explore sustainability-related issues. Students are encouraged to take part in more the 50 workshops, tours and events ranging from Sustainability career forums, to a Mediterranean cooking class, and even a “Free Store” where you can pick up things that other people don’t want anymore and use them yourself. Exactly like a Garage Sale, but free! Just one of the many reasons UAlberta is an amazing university to attend!

Check out the Sustainability Website for more information:


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