Study Spots Around the UAlberta Campus

Along with all the fun you will be having exploring campus and meeting new friends, studying will also be a big part of your life at UAlberta. Everyone has their preference for the perfect study place, but here are some options we thought were good choices for anyone, from those who like to “socially” study, to the quite, silent types.

  1. Rutherford South Reading Room


Affectionately known around campus as the “Harry Potter room” for its older hall aesthetic, the Rutherford South Reading Room is the perfect place to hit the books with minimal to no distractions. Intended as a quite study space where only “low-level” talking is permitted, the Rutherford South Reading Room can quickly become you’re second “study” home, and a great alternative to cubical studying. Also the space is open 24/7 during exam periods, so you don’t ever have to go home or to your dorm room….


What we Love About it: It’s a beautiful room and an awesome alternative to the stuffy cubicles you find in libraries. There is also a sense of comradery with your fellow UAlberta class mates that you experience as you all study for your exams in this giant reading room.



  1. ECHA Study Spots


One of the newest buildings on campus, the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA) is also becoming one of the most popular places to study on campus because of their “open space” cubical concept and their abundance of chairs and tables that help facilitate group projects.


What we love about it: ECHA  is still relatively “undiscovered” and during exam season, when it may be hard to find study spaces in the more popular study hang outs you can almost always count on ECHA to have some room for you and your friends!


  1. Cameron Library Meeting Rooms



Sometimes you just want to get together with your friends to study, chat, and yet still have some privacy. Other than scoping out campus looking for an empty classroom, the Cameron Library meeting rooms offer a great alternative to noisier group study spots on campus.\


What we love about it: You have to reserve these study rooms in advance, which means that if you give yourself ample time to reserve these popular rooms, you shouldn’t have to spend valuable study minutes walking around campus looking for a good study spot.




  1. SUB


Some people like to study in a nosier place rather than in a library where sometimes the silence itself can get distracting if not a little bit intimidating. SUB is a great place to study with a group of friends and grad some lunch while you’re at it at the many restaurants that call the Student’s Union Building (SUB) home. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the Fall and Winter terms this building gives students a place to study or relax for as long as they choose.


What we like about it: It’s the perfect place to ‘social’ study with friends, and if you get hungry or run out of lead for your pencil, SUB houses many restaurants and a bookstore where you can get all your essentials.



  1. ETLC


Another one of the new buildings on campus, the Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex (ETLC) is another great alternative to the many libraries on campus because of the abundance of natural light and the fact that the building houses two different coffee shops: a Starbucks and a Second Cup. Both must haves when you’re feeling a little tired from all your studying.


What we Love About it: The openness and the comfy couches that are scattered around the building make this building a favorite for students from all different faculties not just the Engineering students.


By: Nathalie Batres


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