6 Great Places to Study on North Campus

The University of Alberta has over 150 buildings covering more than 50 city blocks in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. That’s a lot of places to study in! Imagine yourself sitting in these very places, studying at the U of A. Looks pretty great, huh?

1.     Outside

Photo credit: M.Sommerfeldt

In the summer, late-spring, and early-fall months, the University of Alberta’s picnic benches, fields, hills, and tables are perfect places for enjoying the outdoors and studying for classes. The Main Quad is a popular destination for playing sports, taking naps under trees, and studying outside. Gardens, water streams, and even a Koi fish pond are on campus for you to enjoy and relax in between classes. 

2.     CCIS

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The Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) building is one of the University’s newest buildings. Its large modern concept creates multiple places for students to study and socialize. You can sit at communal couches near the coffee shops, or you can sit at a table on one of the many floors in the building. Anywhere you sit, it’s an amazing view!

3.    SUB

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The Student’s Union Building (SUB) recently underwent large renovations this past year to become an even greater place to study than it already was. SUB, which is conveniently placed in a central part of campus, features multiple large study lounges with direct access to a food court and bookstore. There is even a new outdoor feature for studying outside when the weather’s warm. This study spot is busier than most, so it’s perfect for group projects and meeting people after class.

4.    Harry Potter Room - Rutherford Library

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The Rutherford Library is always a great place to study. There are computers, tables, and silent study rooms throughout to help aid you in your schoolwork. But arguably the coolest place to study is in the Harry Potter room. The large study hall is a quiet study room with high ceilings and unique atmosphere – it’s definitely one to check out! Just outside of its doors is another room of tables for louder studying and socializing.

5.     CAB

Photo credit: M.Sommerfeldt

The Central Academic Building (CAB), like SUB, is a great location for studying in groups, eating lunch, or socializing. It has two floors of food courts surrounded by tables and couches. CAB also has direct access through pedway to both CCIS and the Cameron library, which is great for switching up your study location and for travelling from class to class in the colder months.

6.     Telus International Centre

Photo credit: M.Sommerfeldt

The Telus International Centre is perfect for quiet studying. On the main floor of the building, in addition to classrooms and lecture halls, there are couches for relaxing and reading on one side, and private study stalls on the other. Within the Centre is the International Student Services Centre! All in one location, the Student Services Centre is there to help international students as they settle into campus life as a UAlberta student.




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Article by Maryn Sommerfeldt



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