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When it came time for me to pick a University to study at, study abroad opportunities were of upmost importance for me and many of my friends. Now days it doesn’t matter what industry you want to go into once you graduate with your degree, being well travelled often signifies to a potential employer that you’re open minded, can think on your feet, and are globally minded as well. All things that are essential in this ever changing economic climate. As an international student at UAlberta you will already be taking the first step in becoming a globalized citizen of the world, because not only does UAlberta have a large international community that you can benefit and become of part of, but it also has a myriad of study abroad opportunities for students who want to add another country to their international repertoire. While it’s so hard to choose between the many study abroad opportunities UAlberta has, We have complied a list of five unique study abroad opportunities that UAlberta offers it students. Check them out! :


Work Abroad Options :

There are many work abroad opportunities at UAlberta including a Rehab Medicine Clinical Practice in Australia, a Circumpolar Research Placement in Finland, an Alberta Smithsonian Internship Program with a Smithsonian Institute in the United States, and a Global Internship Program in South Korea with the Chungnam National University. Working abroad often gives you a leg up in the competitive work environment and it’s a great way to explore your host country like a local would while also gaining some invaluable work experience.


Canadian Missions in China Internship:

This internship is open to students in all faculties, especially to those in Business, Economics, Trade and Political Science. Some examples of some positions students can intern in include Cultural and Public Affairs, Media and Public Affairs, as well as interning in the Trade Section of the Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai.


Chemical & Materials Engineering (CME) Internships:

Engineering students sometimes worry that there may not be many internship options abroad for them but that is simply not true at UAlberta. CEM students, for example, can go to France, Germany and Norway and participate in a wide range of internship opportunities. Contact for more information.


Study Aboard:  

There are currently over 123 exchange institutions UAlberta students can participate in an exchange with from the Wirtschaftsuniversitat in Austria to the University of Hyderabad in India, and University of Granada in Spain, and the Chiba University in Japan, to The University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Seriously, you will be hard pressed to find a country you want to go to that UAlberta does not have an exchange partnership with.


UAlberta’s International Campuses:

Just in case you worry about getting a little home sick while abroad, UAlberta has you covered! The University of Alberta actually has two satellite campuses in Europe, one in Cortona, Italy and the other in Lille, France. Students take classes taught by UAlberta professors in vibrant historical European cities with other UAlberta classmates. I have many friends who have participated in these programs and all of them say it was a perfect way to explore a new culture while benefiting from a strong UAlberta community presence. 


By: Nathalie Batres


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