Why International Students Choose UAlberta - and why you should too!

When you decide to study abroad picking a university can be tough – let alone having to pick a new country to call home! The good news is that by choosing to study abroad you have already made an awesome decision to decide to internationalize your degree. And by choosing to study in Canada you’ll be making the decision to get a quality education in one of the world’s safest, most beautiful, and economically stable countries.  We have complied a short list of why you should choose to study in Canada and at the University of Alberta.


Globally Recognized Degree

Canada’s education system is famous for its high quality education, and The University of Alberta is ranked in the world’s top 100 Universities. This means that when you decide to study at UAlberta you’ll be earning an internationally recognized degree that will benefit you in any country in the world you decide to peruse a career in.


Multicultural Society

Canada is proud of and famous for its multiculturalism. Edmonton , UAlberta’s home town, boasts a large international community represented every year at the annual Heritage Day’s Festival . Canada is also a bilingual nation with two official languages: English and French. Students at UAlberta are given the option of completing their degree in English or in French at UAlberta’s French campus, Campus Saint-Jean. Here at UAlberta you’ll never have to worry about being lonely either – with over 6,000 international students, hundreds of different student clubs, and many events happening on campus throughout the year, you will have many chances to make friends inside and outside of class!


Vibrant Economy

Alberta, a province located in western Canada, is the country’s strongest economic hub. Many major companies and industries call Alberta their home, which means that when you study at UAlberta you’ll be exposed to great job opportunities and resources that will help you build your future career.


Canadian Lifestyle

Canada is considered to be home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and cities. The University of Alberts is close to the famous Rocky Mountains which means that your weekends will be filled with adventure whether it be rock climbing, snow shoeing, hiking, or dog sledding – your life awaits you at UAlberta!



By: Nathalie Batres


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