Quick facts that might surprise you about UAlberta

UAlberta’s main campus is located centrally in the capital city of Edmonton. This campus boasts a great urban lifestyle with a beautiful, surrounding natural environment. Not only is the expansive river valley right beside our main campus, but downtown (the main cultural hub of Edmonton) is only a 5 minute train ride.

#1: Our North Campus (main campus) spans over 50 city blocks!

Yes, it really is this big! The main areas, that most students have classes in, however are very walkable. About half of campus (or 20 city blocks) is not connected to public roads. This area includes multiple green areas, like the main Quad and over 15 academic buildings.

Other parts of campus include research facilities, the UAlberta hospital, restaurants and entertainment venues.


#2: UAlberta is over 100 years old

Officially opened in 1908, our university looked much different from what it is today! Some of the older, brick buildings on campus were built between 1908 and 1928, which today, give a lot of beautiful character to our spanning campus.

Since then campus has expanded to over 130 buildings, including some of the best research facilities in the world.


#3: There are 13 student residences (so far)

Did you know, studies have shown that living in residence leads to higher levels of academic success? On top of that, the varied amount of residence options means you can find a place to live that is just right for you. Most first year students live in Lister, which is a large building with dorms. You can choose to share a room or have a private one. When you live in Lister you will have a meal plan (which means you’ll always have easy access to prepared food!) and have plenty of support from the Resident Assistants (RAs) if you need advice or just someone to talk to.


#4: There are a lot of trees and green spaces

Even though our North Campus is located in the centre of the city, it is home to over 4,000 trees! Over half of the campus (over 50 city blocks) is green space, and if all that nature just isn’t enough for you, the large Edmonton river valley is located right next to UAlberta. There are dozens of connected trails winding through this natural part of the city, making it the largest urban parkland in North America!


#5: We have over 30 public art installations on campus

Campus isn’t just about historic buildings and beautiful greenery, permanent art installations are a regular occurrence! UAlberta prides itself on it’s history and it’s creative community. Many of the sculptures or art pieces on campus have been produced by local artists or sometimes even students in one of our many arts programs.


#6: We have a mix of historic architecture and modern facilities

UAlberta might be over 100 years old, but it doesn’t mean our facilities are outdated! In fact, we have some of the most advanced research facilities on the planet. Our National Institute for Nanotechnology is Canada’s leading facility for this type of research and one of only a few in the entire world.

Some of our other top-notch facilities include:

  • The Edmonton Clinic Health Academy, which is home to our Nursing program, which is ranked 4th best in the world.

  • The Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (which you can see in the video above). This building is also one of only few in the world and houses science research teams, lecture halls and teaching labs.

  • NANOFAB: This is Canada’s premier micro and nanofabrication research facility.

  • Libraries: We have the second largest research library system in Canada, that’s thirteen libraries in total

Learn more about our facilities here.


#7: We have a lot of rabbits!

Edmonton is home to more than 2,500 white-tailed jackrabbits. These adorable little creatures are wild and love to spend time on our leafy campuses. In the winter time their brown coats turn white to blend in with the snow. They are very scared of humans, though, and will usually run away once anyone walks close to them, but they are still quite cute to look at!

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