Parlez-vous français? The French Campus at the University of Alberta

There are many reasons that the University of Alberta is a pretty cool place to study: The awesome and large international student population, the hundreds of different campus recreation activities you can be a part of, the over 200 undergraduate programs you can choose to study ect..The list can go on and on. But one of the really unique features of the University of Alberta is its French campus: Campus Saint-Jean.


Campus Saint-Jean is UAlberta's francophone ("french-speaking") campus! Commonly called CSJ, Campus Saint-Jean is located in Edmonton's francophone neighbourhood. Students can easily make the quick 10 minute trip between North campus (main campus) and CSJ on the University of Alberta minibus. 

(CSJ Mini bus that goes between North campus and CSJ)



Even though I was never a student at CSJ, I had many friends who went there and I would often times go to the campus to meet up with them at a coffee shop nearby when we wanted to avoid the hustle and bustle of the main UAlberta campus. CSJ is a French only campus – which means that classes are taught in French and nearly everyone in the administration speaks only French while on campus. It’s like you’ve stepped off the mini bus and into another world!  A very cool and interesting French world – in  fact the whole area around CSJ is traditionally French so it’s the perfect place to practice Canada’s second language. 



The main building at CSJ is the Pavillon McMahon. Students come to the pavilion to attend classes, access administrative offices, study and relax. In the foyer of the pavilion there are flags hung which represent the many different countries that International Students travel from to study at CSJ. In the pavilion you’ll also find La Centrale, the academic help centre which offers one on one tutoring sessions for French, math, and sciences courses.


The Pavillion McMahon also houses the Student Lounge – the heart of the CSJ community. CSJ's Student's Union, radio station and many clubs have space in the Student Lounge. CSJ even has a Student Life Coordinator - so, there's always something fun for students who live and study at CSJ to do here. And with a population of 750 students, CSJ has an average class size of only 14 students, so you'll soon get to know everyone quickly if you study here!


(Students can choose to study AND live at CSJ)


Weather or not you choose to study on main campus or CSJ or both (yes you can do that!) make sure to take some time to explore CSJ – it is one of those not-so-hidden gems at the University of Alberta!


Written By: Nathalie Batres




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