Originally from China, UAlberta student Nina Wang makes the most of her academic journey


Student Name: Nina Wang

Program: Accounting

Home Country: China

Year: Nina started at UAlberta in 2011 (She took one year off to complete her co-op program)  


“Attending the University of Alberta, I was able to get out of my comfort zone and realize my full potential.”


Nina Wang, UAlberta accounting student shares some interesting aspects of her student experience. Originally from China, Nina came to UAlberta with one goal in mind, to complete a business degree and start a career in her field, just like any other student. According to Nina, however, her academic journey has been much more fascinating than she ever expected!



“There are so many activities and clubs you can get involved in. This is one of my motivations. At UAlberta, I feel encouraged to always participate in the things that I enjoy the most.”


Nina remembers being very shy when she first started here. She says that UAlberta’s student resources have helped her get familiar with campus, meet new friends, and become part of the community.


“As a new student, I participated in the Week of Welcome, which helped me get around campus. There are also other services such as the Peer Program, run by University of Alberta International,  which I find very important for new students to get used to UAlberta life. I’ve also signed up for their students newsletter for staying up to date with ongoing activities and programs.”


Taking advantage of the students’ services, Nina has had the opportunity to study abroad through UAlberta’s exchange program, (first in the UK, and then Australia!) and later on work as an accountant while being a student. She has also participated in several sports’ clubs on campus.

Sydney 2.jpg


“Being exposed to things different than what I am familiar with. Trying new stuff, and meeting new people have helped me become more confident on both personal and academic levels.”


Using her professional skills and expertise, Nina also volunteers on weekly basis. She particularly helps students with their finances and taxes at the free Tax Clinic offered to students at the International Services Centre in the Telus Centre. She says that her volunteer work at UAlberta “has allowed her to meet new people and expand her professional network.”




As a UAlberta student, Nina has been able to explore the world, completing two full semesters in Australia and the UK.



Nina abroad.jpgNina with a group of friends in London


“I always wanted to travel and gain different experiences as a student. It is great how UAlberta has diverse partnerships with other outstanding universities all over the world.”


in sydney.jpg

Nina in Sydney


Being able to participate in the education abroad experiences, Nina sees great value in studying at UAlberta compared to other international universities.

I think that the materials that we cover are very strong and practical. I also like the professors here. They are easy to get in touch with. Some of the classes even have managers, who are senior students, willing to help other juniors. Before the exams, we would have a tutor house, where students can ask questions. I find that very convenient to new students.


According to Nina, UAlberta has also given her the opportunity to gain experience in her field of study. She has completed two internships in Edmonton through the co-op program, and she's already been offered to work for an accounting firm in the city as soon as she graduates by end of 2017.

Nina's first memory being on campus is meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Despite her quiet personality, she says “it is very easy to find friends when you study at UAlberta.”


Growing up in Asia, Nina shares her experience adapting to the new life in Edmonton, and coping with the cold.

“It is 100 % different. I come from the southern part of China, which is really hot. It never goes below 10 degrees. However, winter here is very exciting, I snowboard, and I always go to Jasper and Banff, only a few hours from Edmonton. We have great public transit here, and most of UAlberta’s buildings are connected.”

Her advice to new students is to embrace winter by participating in activities and attending music shows and festivals.” She also encourages them to always keep an open mind, and reach out for UAlberta community online and on campus.

“Make sure not to be scared to ask; always reach out to your professors in class and during office hours; the teachers here are very helpful and always willing to answer questions."


For those who would like to get familiar with life on campus before coming here, she says “the online resources will definitely helps you. They are 100 percent real. What you see online is what you will experience in real life.”
Written by Hiba Kamal-Choufi
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