New Year and New Services to take Advantage Of!



Happy New Year Everyone!

The few weeks after New Years has got to be my favourite time of year. Why you ask? Well because everyone seems so dedicated and committed to their New Year’s resolutions: the gyms are full of people trying to lose their “last ten pounds” and the stores are temporary devoid of shopaholics. You can just taste the hope and well wishes in the air. It’s also considerably less stressful then the days before the holiday break when everyone is frantically trying to get everything done before classes end and they go on vacation or break. One of the other things that I love about New Years as a university student is that it also means the start of a brand new semester with new classes and new potential friends to make. For first time university students it is also the time when most assess their academic standing and I found, that while it is also the start of brand new beginnings, many students feel stress if they might not have achieved the grades they wanted to in the past semester. Well here at UAlberta you aren’t left alone to wallow in your worries because there are a number of services international students can look to to get the help they need to be an academic success.

1)      Student Success Center

The Student Success Center offers a number of services to students who may be facing challenges in their university experience. They understand that sometimes transitioning to life as a university student can be stressful and overwhelming so their programs are designed to provide specialized support to students who want to improve their learning and academic capacity. Some of their most popular services are the Writing Resources service which offers one-on-one consultations and in-person workshops for students who need to improve their writing skills. They also host their popular Math and Applied Sciences Center where students can received help with studying for exams and topic-by-topic reviews of important areas in many courses.


2)      Center for Writers

The Center for Writers offers free writing support to anyone on campus from staff to students in any subject, program, faculty, and discipline at all levels. People use the service for anything from a resume or coverletter review to lab report reviews to help with English essays. Perfect for international students who might want some expert advice for their written projects.


3)      University of Alberta Libraries

While this resource may seem like an obvious choice you would be surprised by the amount of students who don’t go into the library and ask the trusty librarians for help. As a business student I found the libraries and the library incredibly helpful when I had to find places to find important market research for an assignment or needed knowledge on trends. Just because you might not always be writing historical or English essays in your program doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from taking some time to talk to some librarians who are well verse in your area of study. Trust me – it could mean the difference between a B grade project and an A grade project.

4)      Student’s Union Registry

The tutor registry is an online resource for students who are looking for some extra support with their university courses. Sometimes it’s hard to find someone credible to help you with your studies and everyone on the Tutor Registry are graduates of the Students Union Tutor training program that ensure students get high quality and professional service. There is nothing wrong with getting a little help when you need it.


By: Nathalie Batres


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