Meet Sasha, a student from Montenegro!

“It is worth trying to go international and be independent. You meet new people, see new cultures, and get a different experience. You meet other international students and make friends with people from all over the world! I want to say hi to everyone from my high school and encourage them to study hard and come abroad. Follow in my footsteps and come to UAlberta!”

                -Sasha Lussaint, 1st year international student



Sasha Lussaint is an international student from Kotor, Montenegro. She is a 1st year Psychology student at UAlberta who just completed the  Bridging Program . Sasha would love to share her story about her time thus far at UAlberta!

Above: Sasha overlooking the Edmonton River Valley.

Sasha chose UAlberta as her University after some research with her Dad. She heard excellent things about the school, like its ranking in the top 100 universities in the world! Sasha arrived in Edmonton on August 1st and toured the UAlberta campus the next day. She loved seeing the large North Campus with all the different buildings (ECHA and Education are her favourites because of all the bright colors). One of her fondest first memories of UAlberta was Orientation, which is a large student-run welcome to the campus for all incoming students. She had the chance to learn about the University, see campus presentations, and see all the school spirit UAlberta had to offer!

Above: (Left) ECHA. (Centre) Education building. (Right) Sasha on campus in the fall.

Sasha started out her studies at UAlberta with the Bridging Program at Enterprise Square. Overall, Sasha excelled in the program and attained very high grades! This program helped her learn the Canadian education system and set her up for success for her future classes. Sasha really enjoyed her first class in the Bridging Program (course 140) which was taught by Barbara Lavallee. For the last lecture, Barbara took the students to the Royal Alberta Museum, which Sasha thought was amazing and very educational. Her classes are made up of students from all over the world, which provides a unique experience. Sasha met her best friend Dulce (who is from Mexico!) in her second Bridging Program class, course 145.

“It is funny how you can meet someone from the other side of the world that is so similar to you and you feel so close to.” - Sasha

Above: (Left) Sasha at the museum. (Centre) Sasha and her friend Dulce. (Right) Sasha enjoying the leaves in the fall.

Sasha also took Math 113 which was taught in the Telus building on UAlberta North Campus. Cameron library is Sasha’s favourite place to do assignments and study because of the computers and the quiet study rooms that any student can rent! Sasha likes going to HUB mall because of the openness, the colorful shutters from student apartments, and the neat decorations that students put in the windows. 

Above: (Left) The Telus Building. (Centre) A computer in Cameron Library. (Right) The colorful panels are window shutters!

Sasha and her friend Dulce had the opportunity to go to their very first hockey game and watch the UAlberta Golden Bears win! Sasha hopes to play intramural volleyball and check out the great recreation facilities on campus next semester.

Above: (Left) Sasha and some classmates with Guba, the UAlberta mascot. (Right) The Butterdome, UAlberta's sports facility.

Sasha lives in an apartment with her Dad in downtown Edmonton overlooking the river valley. She loves the view of the bridge and the North Saskatchewan River. You can also see UAlberta campus! She is able to walk to Enterprise Square for her Bridging Program classes or take the subway to her classes at UAlberta North Campus.  

Above: (Left) Sasha overlooking the river. The bridge on the right is the subway bridge to UAlberta campus, which you can see in the background! (Right) Enterprise Square Campus.

Sasha’s favourite thing in Edmonton is West Edmonton Mall because it has everything – shopping, an indoor ice rink, an indoor waterpark, and tons more! CHOP Steakhouse is her favourite restaurant so far, but she is excited to try more. For groceries, Sasha shops at Sobeys (a popular grocery store chain) or goes to a small Italian store for specialty items that are like things she could get in Montenegro.


Above: (Left) West Edmonton Mall. (Right) Sobeys, a popular grocery store chain in Alberta.

Sasha is so excited for her classes next semester and hopes to see more international students come to UAlberta!


Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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