Meet Olivia - A UAlberta student from Indonesia!

“I definitely recommend coming to UAlberta. It’s a smaller city and has huge employment opportunities in any sector. There is so much to do in Edmonton – so much more than just winter activities! If you are coming from another country and don’t know anybody, the International office can help connect you with other students. I got to meet a current UAlberta student back home before I came here. This was very helpful and reassuring!”

Olivia Rosemarie is a UAlberta student originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. She is currently in her 3rd year studying General Sciences with a major in Mathematics. (Check out Olivia’s youtube video!)


Olivia chose UAlberta for a few different reasons. First, Canada offers great employment opportunities after graduation. More specifically, the job market in Alberta is very strong (check out the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program in Canada). Second, Olivia wanted to study in a major city, but not quite as big as Toronto or Vancouver.  She was also very excited to experience winter for the first time! So far, Olivia’s favourite class was Sociology 344: Media, Culture and Society. The professor was very passionate about the subject, and it was fun because they got to talk about subjects like reality TV!

Above: A view of Downtown Edmonton (courtesy of Photograph Effects)

The first memory Olivia has of the UAlberta campus is how nice everyone here is. People were very friendly and always trying to talk to her! When Olivia studies with her friends, they go to Rutherford Library North main floor. It still has the quiet library atmosphere, but as it is a common floor, they can still talk and discuss ideas. If she and her friends just want to hang out, they head to CAB basement where they can also grab lunch together!

Above: (Left) Inside Rutherford Library. (Right) CAB basement common area.

In her first year, Olivia lived in Lister Hall Residence. She got to know a lot of people, got exposed to university student life, and had tons of support. With all the international students on her floor, it was less of a culture shock because she wasn’t the only new person. In her second year, Olivia moved to East Campus Village (another UAlberta residence) with a few of her friends she met in Lister.

Above: (Left) Lister Hall Residence. (Right) Olivia and some of her friends.

Olivia loves all the different tea places and bakeries in Edmonton. Her favourite tea place is Cally’s Tea on Whyte Avenue and her favourite bakery is Duchess Bakeshop on 124th Street. Her favourite memory of Edmonton so far is going to “Taste of Edmonton” with her friends. Taste of Edmonton is a food festival during July that happens downtown at Edmonton’s Churchill Square. Different restaurants set up booths and sell all sorts of different foods. Olivia and her friends would walk or jog from the UAlberta campus to downtown Edmonton every day of the festival to go and try new foods!

Above: (Left) Taste of Edmonton, one of many Edmonton summer festivals. (Right) Olivia with some friends at Churchill Square.

Outside of school, Olivia volunteers with the International Ce ntre. She loves assisting new students with the transition into University life. Olivia is very involved with the U of A+ program, which is a two week program for incoming first year international students. Olivia was also able to get an internship working for the nonprofit organization Ronald McDonald House through the Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP). This program is a great opportunity for international students because it is available for students with any major and offers a $1000 bursary upon completion.

Above: (Left) Volunteering with the International Centre. (Right) Olivia and her friends enjoying the sunny weather!

Olivia would like to say “Good luck to the grade 12 high school students writing their national exam and good luck for applying for university!”

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Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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