Meet Mashad - A UAlberta Student from Bangladesh!

“You should definitely come to UAlberta! It is such a nice place to study. It may be hard, but once you get used to it, it’s great! They have all the facilities for you to study in and be successful. The professors are so nice and help the students!”


Mashad is a UAlberta student from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is currently in his first term of the Bachelor of Science in computing science program. He chose UAlberta because it is one of the best Universities in the world, and he received many scholarships for his studies. Mashad’s favourite course so far is CMPUT 174, a computing class about programming basics. He likes this course because it is all about programming, which is the reason he is at UAlberta!


Mashad’s first memory of UAlberta was walking through HUB mall. Although he came in winter when everything is white and covered in snow, Mashad thinks the UAlberta campus is very beautiful!

Above: (Left) Looking down HUB mall, a residence/mall with shops and restaurants. (Right) Walking on the UAlberta campus in the winter.

Mashad is currently living in Lister Residence in the Kelsey tower. He likes the community atmosphere of residence, where he can meet different people in the lounge and share stories.

Above: Lister Hall Residence. 


For studying, Mashad likes to head to the Cameron Library Study Hall. There are always lots of people there, which is great because Mashad doesn’t like to study alone. He gets to know a lot of people and gets into the studying spirit!

Above: Students studying in Cameron Library/

When Mashad isn’t studying, he goes to SUB – the Students’ Union Building. Although he and his friends may be in different classes, it is easy for them to meet up at SUB either between or after classes. Mashad met members of the chess club in SUB, and now is part of the club and plays chess with other UAlberta students. He hopes to join the robotics club in the future. Off campus, Mashad likes to go to Whyte Avenue to check out all the different restaurants. His favourite so far is Origin of India!

Above: (Left) A common area in SUB. (Right) Some shops on Whyte Ave, where Origin India is located.

From Mashad to all the students at Notre Dame College: Good luck to all! If you come to UAlberta – bring a cricket bat!

(Check out a fun flash mob video made by the Bangladesh Students' Association!)


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Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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