Meet Joseph!

“Come to Canada! Even if not UAlberta, any University in Canada is a good place to be. UAlberta has the best international student program. UAlberta is a good school and is the best I have seen for engineering. Going to university is 4 years of your life. You have to be happy and get people around you. Your level of happiness is the foundation of life!”

-Joseph Chuwa, 3rd year International Student


Meet Joseph, an international student from Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania! Joseph is a 3rd year mining engineering student at UAlberta. I met with Joseph last week to find out more about why UAlberta was right for him!


When Joseph was still in high school looking at potential universities to attend, he chose UAlberta based on three things. First, the high ranking of UAlberta’s mining engineering program. Second, Joseph was eligible for many international student scholarships from UAlberta. And lastly, Joseph was connected with the nephew of his high school councillor, who was a UAlberta student at the time. UAlberta has many international students from all over the world!


Joseph’s first memory of coming to UAlberta was all of the help he received from UAlberta International Student Services. He was greeted at the airport, connected to UAlberta staff members, and received help settling into his classes. International Student Services offers support to all incoming international students to give them the right start to being successful at UAlberta!  


Pictured on the right: International Student Orientation, Transitions


Now that Joseph has been on campus for a few years, he likes to hang out in the Central Academic Building (CAB) or in the Natural Resources Engineering Facility (NREF) to study and do school work. These buildings have computer labs that offer all the software Joseph needs to work on his mining engineering assignments! Joseph also likes to hang out in the Student’s Union Building (SUB) and HUB mall with his friends to have lunch on campus. See the virtual tour to check out these buildings for yourself!


Pictured above -  Left: CAB Knowledge Common. Middle: HUB Mall. Right: SUB common area.


In his first year, Joseph lived in Lister Centre residence. He loved how Lister Centre “brought everyone together” and kept him “connected to people”. Some of the most memorable events in residence for Joseph include organized competitions, dodgeball tournaments, community dinners, and just hanging out with friends. With 20 – 30 people from various nationalities living on each floor, it is easy to meet new people in such a multicultural place! 


Pictured above: Lister Centre Residence


Joseph is also involved in activities outside of school! In Edmonton, he likes to go to cafés around campus with his friends, to the famous West Edmonton Mall to shop, and to the City Centre movie theatre to watch movies for a discounted student price. Joseph called Edmonton a “balanced community” where there was just the “right combination of people”.  He likes how multicultural Edmonton is and how he has found friends from all over the world. Edmonton is a great city where you can find everything you need!


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Written by: Caitlin Chalmers



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