Meet Dulce - A student from Mexico City!

"I would definitely recommend the Bridging Program to other international students! The program has very capable instructors who make you challenge yourself, which will improve your skills a lot - in my case, especially writing. My favourite parts of the Bridging Program were the great instructors and the friends I made, like my best friend Sasha!"


Dulce Calderón is a student from Mexico City and is currently in her first year of the Bachelor of Arts program, majoring in Political Science. Dulce chose UAlberta for the Political Science program - she liked how it focused on international studies and offered many approaches to the subject. Dulce's BA in Political Science will help her on her pathway to becoming a diplomat, her dream career.


Dulce also liked the many scholarship options UAlberta had to offer. Leadership experience from founding her high school magazine and volunteer work helped her to become the recipient of an international leadership entrance scholarship!

Above: (Left) The Tory Building, which has many social science program classes. (Right) The humanities building, which has many arts classes.

Dulce started off in the UAlberta Bridging Program, which she found out about from the UAlberta website. The Bridging Program (BP) is a program for excellent students who meet all of UAlberta's academic criteria but still need to improve their English skills in order meet the English Proficiency requirement. After writing her TOEFL, Dulce still wanted to focus on improving her writing skills before beginning her degree program in English. While in the BP, Dulce improved her English on all platforms - listening, speaking, writing, and reading. She went to school daily from 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm and often times had homework, which she found very helpful. Every Friday, the students attended a class about Canadian culture and how to adapt, which helped her prepare for her future univerisity courses.


UAlberta BP students are part of a Faculty and can take university-level courses for credit that can be counted towards their future degree! Dulce had the opportunity to take Music 103. Her family is made up of musicians so she wanted to learn more about a subject they were so passionate about. This additional class helped Dulce feel even more part of the UAlberta campus community.

Above: (Left) Dulce with some friends at a UAlberta Indian Association meeting. (Right) Dulce and her best friend Sasha.

Dulce lives in Lister Centre Residence. When she first came to UAlberta, she was surprised at how many people from all over the world she saw. she really liked nkowning that she was not the only international student here. Everyone started talking to each other on the first day, which made the transition into residence life much easier. By attending floor meetings, participating in activities, and eating or studying in the cafeteria, Dulce has made some friends from Canada and some friends from all over the world!

Above: (Left) Dulce and some friends from Lister Centre. (Right) Dulce and her friend Yinka at a UAlberta Varsity American Football match.

When Dulce is not in class, you can find her either studying on the silent floor of Cameron Library or hanging out in SUB with her friends. She also loves attending hockey games at the Van Vliet sports centre and checking out the Famrer's Market on Whyte Ave for some fresh food. Dulce loves how the campus looks in winter and enjoys taking walks to see the snow!

Above: (Left) Cameron Library. (Right) A common area in SUB, the Students Union Building.

"When you come here, you realize that you are not the only international student. Do not be afraid of being lonely! You can find your home away from home here. there are so many resources for success at UAlberta and the professors actually want to help you. I have made so many friends living in Lister Centre. It is worth it to try and study in Canada! It may be hard, but everything hard is worth it."


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Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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