Living in a foreign country and what it offers you


Travelling hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from home can seem scary or at the very least like a lot of hard work. And it can be, no doubt about it. So then why do so many international students decide to study at UAlberta? Well we have created a short list on why studying abroad at UAlberta is so important for your future career prospects as well as for your own personal development.


1)      Emotional Maturity

As stated above moving to another country isn’t always easy, but once you get settled into your new home you will soon realize that things that were originally scary won’t be that scary to you anymore. That is because moving away from home and to another country requires you to mature fast: you have to figure out a new way of living, figure out classes, make new friends etc. And while in the beginning this might seem a little overwhelming, before you know it, and with some help from the International Center, you will be thriving in your new home!


2)      Talking to Strangers (Networking!)

It does not matter what career path you decide to peruse, in EVERY job you will be required to network. For some people this can seem a little scary, I myself use to find ‘networking’ stressful, but not to worry because after living abroad you will be so use to talking to different types of people and making new friends that your original fear of networking will be a thing of the past!


3)      New and Priceless Perspectives

Living abroad will almost automatically make you more open to new ideas and will give you new perspectives. Here at UAlberta, where international students from over 100 countries study, you will be given the chance to interact with people from many different races, cultures, and ethnicities. Also the benefit of living in such a multicultural city such as Edmonton means that finding new and exciting cultural experiences is never a problem: choosing becomes the issue.


4)      Competitive Resume

I don’t need to tell you that international experiences is priceless on a resume and sets you apart from other candidates when applying for work. In this increasing global economy having experience studying or working abroad will mean you will have many more job prospects and be able to contribute in many different ways to any company or organization you choose to work for.


5)      Strong Economy = Strong Job Prospects

Studying in Edmonton comes with many different types of advantages, but one of the most exciting ones is that Alberta, of which Edmonton is the capital, is an economic powerhouse. We aren’t experiencing an economic recession like much of the western world and that means that you have a better of chance of gaining valuable international work experience while studying here through a co-op or internship.


6)      The Skill of Adaptation


"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin


This is one of my all-time favourite quotes and in my short life I can think of so many examples in which I have seen this quote in action. Living abroad means that you will develop the skills to be able to adapt to many new experiences as well as learn new and different ways of thinking and doing things. The ability to adapt is what will lead you to career success in the future. 


By: Nathalie Batres


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