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On a few blog posts we have talked about the services that are offered specifically for international students throughout the year on campus including workshops on immigration and Canadian tax income as well as workshops on finding a job and even study strategies. We decided that we would feature 5 services/workshops offered through International Student Services that you can take advantage of when you get to campus!


English Language Learning Fun


Every week you can join a local librarian for an hour a week to practices and learn English language skills in fun and compelling ways.  Even though in order to study at UAlberta you must have a certain English Language requirement, many international students still want to continue to practice their sills. This is a perfect way for you to get together with your peers and become even more proficient in English…and its fun!


Money Mentors Workshop


This workshop focuses on improving your financial literacy by showing you how to set smart goals when planning you budget, how to make be more financially savvy when making purchases and how to set up a savings plan. These workshops offer important life skills that you won’t always learn in your university classes but that important for life success.


How to Write a Canadian Resume and Cover Letter


Many International Students decide that they want to get some Canadian work experience while studying at UAlberta. Or some may decide that they want to stay in Canada for a few years after they finish their studies. In either case it is important that you have a competitive application package that includes a well-crafted cover letter and resume. Cover letters and Resume standards change from country to country. For example in Mexico it is quite common to include a picture with your application package but in Canada that is not the norm. In fact if an employee asks for a picture and you don’t get the job, they can be held liable for discrimination. So many Canadian employees will never ask for your picture and you should not include it in your application package. You will learn these things and many more in throughout this workship


Bridges’ Global Citizens Café Sessions                           


If you want to become more knowledgeable about the world and widen your perspectives as well as meet people from a variety of background and cultures then the bi-weekly Global Citizen’s Café Sessions are for you! You will get the opportunity to listen to volunteers speak on issues they are passionate about, learn about worldwide events, and become part of the discussion on a variety of intriguing topics.


Interview Workshop


So you sent in your resume and cover letter that you worked so hard on and you got a call back asking you to interview for the position. Congratulations! Now all you have to do is make a great impression during your interview. Many people find the interview process a little stressful but with this workshop you will learn about different types of interview styles and formats and they types of questions you will be asked. So you will have no problem impressing your future employer.



Being an International Student can sometimes be overwhelming, but International Student Services is determined to provide international students with the skills they need to be successful both academically and in life as well! Check out the Events and Workshops calendar for more information on the different types of  workshops and events offered to international students at the University of Alberta. We can’t wait to see you here!



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