Are you thinking of starting a new academic journey abroad? Wondering how you can get involved on campus, and gain life-enriching experience? Here at UAlberta, there is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities awaiting you!

1. UAlberta International

International students can share their valuable experience with Albertans from different age groups and diverse community members. There are several volunteer programs available at UAlberta International, such as being a public speaker or mentor, as well as planning and coordinating events. Check out all UAI volunteer opportunities 


UAI volunteer in a class 


2. U School

If you are you passionate about working with youth and education, this is definitely a perfect opportunity for you! Apply here to become a mentor, interviewee, or presenter, and gain an outstanding experience while pursuing your education at UAlberta.

Menor working with a group oof kids in Hub Mall 

3. Students Union Volunteer Registry  

The Students Union Volunteer Registry offers several categories of opportunities, such as teaching English as a second language, being a hospitality host, and helping kids with special needs. The Registry also offers international volunteer opportunities for students who are looking to travel abroad and gain global experience.

4. Campus Sustainability Initiative

If you are a student at UAlberta, you can also choose to educate others on social, environmental, and economic sustainability. You can volunteer in areas such as photography and social media, as well as research and event planning. Learn more here

5. Dino Lab

This is a unique opportunity for students who are curious about new discoveries and science. Volunteering with UAlberta DinoLab allows students to learn more about the dinosaurs and gain an outstanding experience. Being part of this volunteer work contributes to the development of new research projects at UAlberta. 

Volunteer working in the lab

To find the perfect volunteer opportunity at UAlberta, ask yourself

  • What do I want to do as a volunteer?
  • Why do I want to volunteer?
  • What skills can I offer?
  • How many hours can I commit a week/month?

Why is it so important to volunteer?

  • To Gain New Experience

Volunteering on UAlberta Campus helps you experience new events and activities on and off campus, allowing you to explore things that interest you and help you with your future career.    

  • To Connect with New People

Through volunteering at UAlberta, you can connect with your fellow students, friends, professors, and other community members. You will learn new things from each and every person you meet, no matter what group of people you are working with.

  • To Prepare you for the Workplace  

When you volunteer at UAlberta, you will be able to develop both professional and social skills, such as leadership, teamwork, and public speaking. These skills are key for each and every individual to successful careers in the future.

  • To Give Back to the Community

When you choose to dedicate your valuable time to volunteer on campus, you are definitely contributing to make UAlberta a better place. Learn more here 

Written by Hiba Kamal-Choufi

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