How to become an Entrepreneur while at University

In today’s world more and more young people are realizing that if they want to get a job doing something that they love, they have to be willing to create their dream job. In otherwords become Entrepreneurs. Gone are the days that students were able to graduate and expect any company to want to hire them. Gone are also the days when you stayed at one company, confident that you would rise up the corporate ranks to one day be CEO. If you want to be a boss then you’re best bet is to start your own company.


The University of Alberta understands that now day’s students want to learn skills during their university career that will help them become Entrepreneurs - ready to tackle the world’s problems and contribute to the global economy. That is why the Entrepreneurship @ UAlberta initiative was started.  Entrepreneurship @ UAlberta is a joint program between the UAlberta School of Business and the Technology Commercialization Center. The program is dedicated to identifying student entrepreneurs from different facilities across campus and offering them a space where they can express their talent, network, and receive mentorship.



eHUB is the physical space where UAlberta students come together to share their business ideas, goals, and visions. Most of the students that you’ll see in eHUB are busy working away on their businesses in between classes. At any given time eHUB can accommodate more than 50 entrepreneurs who are often collaborating with students they wouldn’t normally get a chance to meet in their class. You’ll see business students working with nursing students, and computing science students who are designing a project with engineering students.




Some of the current eHUB startups include “MyMenu” which is a startup created by UAlberta business students who created an online app that allows people with dietary constraints to easily identify what on the menu at a restaurant they can eat.  Another is BlueBooth Studios which was founded by students Michael Morris and Brian Hoeksema and is a game development studio. These are just some of the more than 20 start-ups that have found a space in eHUB.



Coming to university is supposed to be a time of adventure and a journey to becoming the best person you can be. Make sure that when you are picking a university that you pick one that allows you to take risks and provides you with the resources to be successful. At UAlberta you’ll have tonnes of chances to explore any number of passions you might have. So while you are here make sure to join a club, go snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies, and even start a business. You have one life – live it fully.


By: Nathalie Batres


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