Hidden Gems around the University of Alberta Part 2

This is our new series on the blog entitled "Hidden Gems around UAlberta" where we explore unique places and spaces around the University of Alberta. Be sure to be on the lookout for the next installment!


In our last “hidden gems” post we mentioned just a few of our favourite spots around campus. Well we’re back again this week to highlight some other great places and spaces around the University of Alberta campus. We’ve been diligently highlighting our favourite #hiddengems on our Instagram page so you should definitely check that out for a fun visual treat! Also let us know on our Instagram page if you think there is a space we should feature – we ADORE suggestions :)


Watching a Student Union event at The Horowitz Theatre or Dinwoodie Lounge!

Throughout the year the students union does an awesome job of hosting unique and interesting events usually at the Horowitz Theater or Dinwoodie Lounge. Some of our personal favourites include Comedy Nights, the Singer Songwriter shows where great local and Canadian artists showcase their work, and movies nights – for when you need a much needed study break!  


The Vascular Plan Herbarium

We mentioned this space in a previous blog post when we visited it and the a couple other museums on campus. Used mainly as a research and teaching resource, the herbarium is the largest of its kind in Alberta and the third largest in Western Canada, it is open to the UAlberta community and public alike and is located in the Biological Sciences Building. There are over 120,000 specimens documented in the herbarium and it seems to be growing every day. Be sure to check it out!


Rutherford House

Rutherford House was the home of the first Premier of Alberta and has been kept restored and furnished in the Edwardian style it was built in when it first came to be in 1911. One of the main highlights of the house is the Arbour Room, a restaurant in the house that is famous for its high tea. While Rutherford House is not owned by the University of Alberta it is located on the UAlberta North Campus ground right behind the student residence and shopping mall HUB Mall on campus and so it’s the perfect place to be transported back in time when you can’t be bothered to write that essay….


Old Arts Student Lounge and other Lounge Spaces in the building

Okay so while I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the Old Arts student lounge is the most beautiful study stop on campus I will say that it’s usually one of the quietest…although after this blog post I’m not too sure it will be in the future. What I like most about the space is that it’s perfect for those times when you don’t want to study in the library and just want to have friend study sessions without being shushed at. I would usually hangout here in a perfectly secluded spot by the vending machines and type out many a last-minute essay. Good times.   


By: Nathalie Batres







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