A Day in the Life of Hasan

Hiii everyone, I hope you all are doing well!! My name is Hasan, and I am from Turkey. I love playing soccer, chess, foosball, table tennis, talking, helping people, traveling etc. I am a second year economics student in the Faculty of Arts, and this is my third year in Edmonton and Canada as well. Now, I would like to share with you my thoughts about UAlberta and tell you about what a typical day at the University of Alberta looks like for me.


I am different from other students as I don’t live on campus or a place close to UAlberta. I live in north side of the city. Every day in the mornings, I always take the bus to go to university. Sometimes it is hard to take a bus in the early morning, but when your classes finish and the time comes to go back home, taking bus is actually relaxing and restful :)


Once I get to campus I start walking to my classes. You would think it would be hard to walk to class, especially in the winter term with all the snow, but it is actually not. UAlberta has a huge campus, but the buildings are close and some of them are connected to each other by a pedway or underground tunnel. So, you usually walk in the buildings instead of outside as you see in the picture below.



After my classes are done, I usually go to the library to study and do my homework if I have any. Of course there are many libraries at UAlberta, 10 libraries in total.  Rutherford library is the one I always go to and where I like to study. Let me give you some information about Rutherford Library and why I love that building. Rutherford Library is the largest library on campus with almost two million volumes and is the second largest research library in Canada. It is in a nice location - close to the bus station, LRT, SUB, CAB, Cameron and it is also connected to HUB mall. Whenever you get hungry you can always run up to HUB mall to get coffee or something to eat. It has computer labs which are open until pretty late at night, and the labs have photocopy machines in them as well. There is a nice view from the fifth floor of Rutherford North (the library is divided into Rutherford North and South). When you get bored you could easily look outside at the beautiful view, take a deep breath, and get back to studying. 


The main floor of Rutherford South often has a makeshift art gallery in it. Young artists of the university and people from off campus can easily exhibit their pictures and art work there. Finally, another amazing part of the Library is the second floor of Rutherford south. It is normally a study hall but mostly students call this room the “Harry Potter” room. The reason they do that is because when you sit there it looks exactly like you are sitting in Hogwarts which is wonderful and amazing.



Besides studying, in my free time during the day I volunteer in at many different places. There are a lot of volunteering opportunities on campus, and I have been volunteering in most of them since the first day that my UAlberta adventure began. I am currently a volunteer at Safewalk, Bridges Speakers and the Peer program. I also was a volunteered at I-Week (International Week) and UAlberta Orientation last year, and I will be a volunteer in different programs this year as well.


First, Safewalk is one of the university services that provides a safe and reliable alternative to walking alone at night around the campus and beyond. When you walk around the campus you might see two people walking and wearing a yellow jacket with some stuff on it. These are the Safewalk volunteers. You should say hi to them because they could become new friends and give you some valuable information about campus.



Second, Bridges Speakers is a group that consists of international students. Every student in that group represents their country, and they go to public schools and present their country to children. This is also a great way to share your culture with others and a great chance to develop some strong presenting skills.


I also tutor high school students to help them in their classes and I am also an outreach coordinator for one organization in Edmonton. These are the various activates I usually do on a normal day or week. In addition to school, on the weekends or in the summer I enjoy discovering some natural beauty around Edmonton. As different from other cities, Edmonton is close to most of the national parks, such as Jasper, Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay national parks.  If you have time you can also go to the north end of the city and explore the auroras, which is an amazing experience.



Now, we are going to look at what University of Alberta means to me. First of all, I believe that a good university is a scientific and education institute dedicated to cultivating self-confident individuals who promote freedom, are innovative and creative, think critically, have a sense of responsibility and empathy, are entrepreneurial, mindful of ethical values, environmentally aware, multi-faceted, and unprejudiced and have a strong grasp of science, the arts, and culture. It is also an institute that provides students with an opportunity to explore new cultures and countries, to discover interest areas, and to develop student skills and talents with the numerous student clubs, and arts, sports and cultural activities.


I believe that the University of Alberta is one of these universities and proves itself by being one of the top 100 universities in the world. Beside its scientific and educational excellence, the best part of being a University of Alberta student is the opportunity that it gives you to develop new skills and talents in your area.  Especially for international students. You can build these new skills and talents at UAlberta by being an ambassador, volunteering for the university during activities such as international week, orientations for newcomers, antifreeze, week of welcome, as well as volunteering for UAlberta services such as Safewalk, Peer Support Centre or by becoming a representative of your faculty etc.  UAlberta has 39000 students and over 6500 international students, and it is a wonderful atmosphere and a special feeling to be surrounded by students from more than 100 countries. This is the one of the great places and universities to engage with students from all around the world. This is actually the reason that I came from Turkey to Edmonton, to the other side of world, instead of going to one of the best universities in Turkey.  And if you still couldn’t decide whether you’d like to study here or in a different city or country I suggest you give UAlberta  a try and see the benefits being part of UAlberta family.


Thank youuuu :)


Hasan is an international student from Istanbul, Turkey. Before coming the the University of Alberta he attended Istanbul Ozel Burc Anadolu Lisesi


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