Guide to: Week of Welcome

Starting University is exciting, but we know it can also be a little overwhelming having so many new experiences at once. Fear not! We’ve broken down the main events and what you can expect in your first week at UAlberta, so you can sit back and enjoy all the awesome things Week of Welcome has to offer.



Moving in

This one is obvious, but it’s the first thing you’ll do! Most first year students live in Lister centre, which is comprised of shared and private dorm rooms. Move in is generally at the end of August and is followed by a lot of helpful orientation programs. This is a great time to get to know the people who live on your floor and the residence staff, who will be there to help you with anything you need. Residence Services also hosts events like the East Campus Block Party, where you can make friends and eat some great food.

Learn more about Lister move in here >

Campus Check-In and Transitions

When you first arrive on campus, make sure to visit the International Student Campus Check-in to pick up your welcome bag, and meet with a Welcome Ambassador to help you with your next steps in getting settled. They also offer a FREE Airport Shuttle Bus, which will take you straight to UAlberta’s main campus after you arrive at the airport.

On top of all of this, International Student Services also hosts a program called Transitions. This orientation program will help you prepare for UAlberta's academic and social life, and introduce you to Edmonton's vibrant community. We highly recommend it for any international students!


In addition to Transitions, UAlberta’s general Orientation (open to both international and domestic students) happens right before classes start. This orientation is a great opportunity to learn how to get around campus, what services are available, make new friends and more! It also includes multiple activities, which are a lot of fun.

Students at UAlberta Orientation

Special events  

Now to the extra fun parts! Once you’ve settled in and started learning about campus, Week of Welcome (WoW) will officially start. WoW is the first week of official classes and during this time a whole bunch of fun events happen. This year there will be a headphone disco, live concerts, barbecues, comedy nights and more! Check out all the activities here >



During the first couple weeks of classes, there are also a lot of opportunities to try great food. You can always look forward to the pancake breakfast, barbecues and many different food vendors, who set up in the large outside areas on campus.


Starting classes

Going to your first classes can make you a little nervous, but don’t worry, everyone is going through the same thing! Here are some great ways to ease your nerves on the first week of classes:


  1. Find your class locations ahead of time: grab a friend and wander the campus on your own after Orientation, find where your classes are and even mark down the walking route you took. This will help you get there quick and easy on your first day!

  2. Balance your free time: remember to still take breaks for yourself in the first few weeks. Whether this is an hour of watching TV, having a quiet cup of tea or spending time with friends. Doing things that are fun or calming in between classes and studying will help you do better academically.

  3. Go in with an open mind: Everyone in your class is also there for the first time. People at UAlberta are generally very friendly, so don’t be afraid to say hi or talk to the people sitting near you. You just might make some friends in the process!


On top of that, there are many student services to help you get used to the pace of university:


  • The Student Success Centre can teach you ways to manage time, write better, take good notes and more.
  • InfoLink booths, which are found in multiple locations on campus, can give you academic and campus information. Not sure where something is? InfoLink will know!
  • The Peer Support Centre is a great resource if you need someone to talk to, about anything. No topic is too big or too small and the service is free, confidential and non-judgemental.


Interested in applying to UAlberta? Find out more information here >


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