Going back in Time


Right in the heart of the City of Edmonton, on the edge of the North Saskatchewan River, lies Fort Edmonton Park an important historical land mark for the city. Fort Edmonton Park offers visitors the chance to go more than 150 years back in time where they can explore the pioneer years of 1885, 1905 and 1920 in a replicated town of historical Edmonton. The original Fort Edmonton stood at the site of what is now the Alberta Legislature ground, the government seat for the province of Alberta, but at the current site of Fort Edmonton Park you can explore more than just a typical pioneer fort. The Park is home to many important historical homes and replicas of buildings that helped shaped the city Edmonton is today, such as the Hotel Selkirk (once the most luxurious hotel in Edmonton) where you can stay overnight in, and various important historical churches. In the park you can get around by walking or house buggy, but you also have a chance to take a steam train, or even a street car. One of my favorite places to go in the park after I have explored some of the buildings is the bakery right off “Main Street”. It offers an amazing selection of baked goods such as ginger bread cookies, delicious brownies, and my personal favorite: Rhubarb Coffee Cake! Honestly, this cake will change your life, you must try it. Each little building in the park is like its own personal museum and there are even costumed interpreters throughout the park that visitors are allowed to interact with. They will answer all the questions you have about Edmonton life back in the late 19th and early 20th century. Just don’t ask them if you can use their cell phones if yours dies however, they’ll just look at you like your crazy and ask you, “What is this cell phone you speak of?” True story. Visiting Fort Edmonton Park is the perfect way to spend a day and when you leave the park you will be left with a feeling of connection to Edmonton, your new home city.




By: Nathalie Batres



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