Food options at UAlberta!

So you're coming to UAlberta - great! Are you wondering what kind of food options you will have when you arrive? Edmonton has a lot of different grocery stores and restaurants to keep your appetite satisfied. And if you are living in Lister Centre residence, UAlberta offers meal plans to get meals right on campus! I've listed some options below for those of you looking for specific items. If you want to see many more options check out our pinterest page - UAlberta Food!


Living in residence? Get a meal plan!

UAlberta offers a flexible meal plan for all students living in residence. Lister Centre residence is a "classic residence" that is not really meant for cooking full meals in each room, so meal plans are just right for residents! Your meal plan gets loaded onto your ONEcard (UAlberta's student ID card) and you can choose food options ranging from right in Lister Centre to many food vendors on campus. You can even customize this meal plan depending on if you are a heavy or light eater and whether or not you spend your weekends on campus. More information.

Above: (Left) Student ONEcard to load your meal plan money onto. (Centre) A foodcourt in SUB. (Right) HUB mall is lined with shops and restaurants

Groceries - North American or International

There are two grocery stores right on campus that have many food choices (both North American and international). If you are looking for specialty grocery stores with international foods, Edmonton has many options that are accessible by subway or bus! T&T Supermarket has a large variety of Chinese and other Asian foods. The Italian Centre Shop offers many different European choices. Other smaller shops around offer specialty foods from many different cultures - Edmonton has a multicultural reputation!

Above: (Left) Safeway offers many North American choices. (Right) Sobeys has many smaller portions perfect for making small meals.

Above: (Left) T&T Supermarket at West Edmonton Mall. (Centre) Inside T&T Supermarket. (Right) A British Import Shop on Whyte Avenue

Vegetarian or Vegan?

There are many restaurants and grocery stores near campus that offer vegan and vegetarian options! The Garneau and Whyte Avenue areas have many different restaurants, like Noorish, where you can get meat-free dishes and other superfood options. If you are looking for less common meat substitutes or organics, you can try Planet Organic which is just off Whyte Avenue and accessible by bus!

Above: (Right) Noorish has plenty of vegan items. (Centre/Left). Planet Organic has organics and other specialty items.

Halal please!

Looking for Halal? There are many options (both restaurants and grocery stores) that offer Halal foods. Many grocery stores offer some Halal choices - just check the packaging. If you are looking for specialty Halal grocery stores, there are many located around Edmonton that are accessible by bus. There are also restaurants on Whyte Avenue that offer Halal meals, like NaanOLicious, Kabsa (Middle Eastern), Spice Grill (Indian), and La Shish (Lebanese). You can find more Halal options here.

Above: (Right) Kabsa serves middle eastern cuisine. (Centre) La shish has authentic Lebanese cuisine. (Left) NaanOLicious is Indian fusion.

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Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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