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While at the University of Alberta, along with your regular required courses for whatever degree you decide to peruse, you will most probably have the option of taking a few option classes outside of those required for your degree. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which classes you’ll find the most interesting, especially as a first year student who hasn’t yet taken many University courses. We decided to ask some UAlberta students at the end of their undergraduate career to tell us what their favorite course was and why. Here are their thoughts:


 “Doug Peterson's international business law course (BLAW 444) was amazing because he taught a lot of useful off-the-book tips that can be applied to the real world, and the information itself is very interesting if you like politics and treaties and stuff.

On a less specialized note, Kelly MacFarlane's Classics 110 course on ancient civilizations is entertaining and interesting if you want to learn about the development of a bunch of different cultures like the Macedonians, Indians, Persians, Greeks, etc.”

Jessica Liu, Class of 2012


 “International Political Economy (POL S 364) with Dr. Greg Anderson. This class gave me the necessary practical understanding of how economics and politics work together. Definitely the most useful and applicable class of my degree, in terms of actually being able to apply the information to everyday life. It was great too because we talked a lot about current events, and how the theoretical concepts we discussed applied to the real world.”

Meagan Thiessen, Class of 2012


For business students, I would recommend looking into:

1) BUEC 444 - International Study Tour. I went on the China one (with Edy Wong), but I think the faculty is offering opportunities to go to Brazil and Europe now as well. It was a wonderful way to travel, learn how business is conducted in another culture, and gain first hand experiences with top executives in the country you're travelling to.

2) Mark 468 - Retailing and Channel Management (with Kyle Murray), The course offered a chance to explore the retail industry on a deeper level and delve a little into the psychology of shopping. Every second class was also a lecture from a top-notch retail executive. We once were lectured by Chip Wilson (founder of Lululemon)!

For non-business students:
Soc 301 - Sociology of Gender (with Amy Kaler). Amy filled her lecture with videos, pictures and discussions. It was fascinating on so many levels - especially when she had students speak of their own personal experiences. It may change your perception of "gender" and societal norms.”

Breanne Fisher, Class of 2012


 “…human ecology 211 was awesome …this class gives you a lot of real world knowledge on a topic that affects everyone. Plus it's a fun class! It's taught by Esmail Shaniff, he's very open, approachable and funny. The 3 hour night class goes by so quick.”

Kimberley Padget, Class of 2012



Comp Lit 266 - Women in Literature with Asma Sayed. It's a great perspective on women in a variety of genres. Asma is also really passionate about women's rights, so the comparative contexts are quite insightful.”

Ashelyn Fung, Class of 2012


By: Nathalie Batres



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