Exam Time! : 7 Study Tips for University Finals


Students here at the University of Alberta are getting ready for final exams, and while everyone knows studying can be so much hard work we thought we would share with you some tips that you can use right now and when you get to UAlberta to make sure you are at the top of your class! Okay so here we go:


  1. Manage your time

You should know at least a month or two in advance what date your finals will start. So use this to your advantage by making a realistic study schedule that prioritizes which class or classes you will need to study for the most.


  1. Do not Cram (TRY to not cram)

I know this is probably going to be the hardest piece of advice to follow because life gets in the way of your scheduled study time. That is why it is important to look at advice number one and at least have a study schedule that you can modify in case of emergencies. Also make sure to space out your studying by giving yourself breaks and switching between topics.


  1. Go to Office Hours

Professors and teaching assistants are there to help you so make sure that you take advantage of their office hours and visit if you have any questions on material or want some tips on what is the most important stuff to know for your exams. Ideally you should be visiting your professors and teaching assistants throughout the semester, but we know that that is often not the case so try at least to visit about 1-2 weeks before the big “final exam rush”.


  1. Relaxing study music

Some people like studying in complete silence and others like to have ambient noise like you find in a coffee shop or library. Studies have found though that listening to calming and relaxing music such as classical music helps you retain the information you are studying better. So crank up the Mozart!


  1. Study groups

Many people like studying all by themselves; I am one of those people. But every now and then I know that they best way to get me motivated is if I form a study group with friends that will keep me from procrastinating and who can explain difficult concepts from class to me or vice versa.


  1. Exercise

Many studies have found that just 20-30 minutes of exercise a day can improve your memory and help relieve stress. So put on your dancing and/or jogging shoes and move your body!


  1. Calm Down

Listen we know that finals are important, very important, but they are not a life and death situation. Before you go into your class to write your exam take some time to relax and imagine yourself acing it. Frantic studying/cramming right before you open your exam booklet is not the best way to be in a relax frame of mind, so put down the books and take a minute to reflect on what you do know and keep things into prospective.  


By: Nathalie Batres



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