Are you new to UAlberta? Wondering how you can adapt to the food culture while studying here?

Well, you might not know that Edmonton is home to over 50 international cultures and 70 ethnic groups. Each year, the city hosts some of Canada's top food festivals, allowing international students to connect to their country while experience a taste of Edmonton and the world’s best traditional dishes!


Here's a list of festivals that you do not want to miss when you come to UAlberta:


        1. Heritage Festival @EdmHeritageFest


Edmonton's Heritage Festival takes you on a tour to explore the world's diverse cultures and traditions. The festival features nearly 500 food items from 100 countries, which is a great opportunity for international students from all across the world to feel like home! This event offers you a very unique experience to try new authentic cuisines and get to know different cultures! 

If you live on campus, there is nothing more convenient than enjoying this three-day event at Hawrelak Park, only a 10 minute walk from UAlberta!

In addition to a variety of delicious food menus, you'll get to enjoy cultural musical and dance performances at the pavilions, representing Edmonton's diverse communities. 

Mark your calendar and learn more about the festival here

        2. Taste of Edmonton @TasteofEdm

Whatever you like to eat, you'll be able to find at Taste of Edmonton!

Located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, this festival usually takes place between July 20 and 29. Taste of Edmonton is the largest food tasting festival in Western Canada, featuring a wide variety of international and local dishes, desserts, cocktails, and much more!

Photo credit: Taste of Edmonton  

Taste of Edmonton is not only about food! Throughout the 10-day festival, visitors also get to enjoy free outdoor concerts and shows performed by Canada's best artists and musicians.

To get your tickets, visit Taste of Edmonton page

        3. Dinning Week @DBAyeg

If you are looking for a unique experience, where you can enjoy a two-course lunch, or three-course dinner with a friend, this is definitely something you should try!

The Dining Week is a 10-day annual food festival that takes place in downtown Edmonton. It allows visitors to experience the city's best culinary recipes, some of which are specifically prepared for the event. In addition to the Canadian cuisine, students can experience a wide variety of traditional dishes from across the world, including France, Portugal, India, Mexico, and China.


Photo credit: Edmonton Business Association 


To learn more, visit Downtown Business Association's page


In addition to these festivals, Edmonton has a large number of authentic and atmospheric places that you must experience their food when you study at UAlberta!


Check out this list of Edmonton's top rated traditional restaurants and cafes. Bon appetit


African cuisine

Asian cuisine

Brazilian cuisine

French cuisine

Greek cuisine

Indian cuisine

Italian cuisine

Mexican cuisine

Middle Eastern cuisine




Written by Hiba Kamal-Choufi


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