Edmonton and Alberta through Videos (LONG WEEKEND POST!)

This weekend will be a long weekend here in Alberta and so we decided we would share with you a post that celebrates all the wonderful things we’ll be doing this weekend in Edmonton and in Alberta! Hope you enjoy :)


1.       Exploring Edmonton


2.       Taking a Road Trip



3.       Going Camping



4.       Going Hiking and exploring the Rocky Mountains







5.       Going to the Edmonton Heritage Day Festival!


The Edmonton Heritage Festival is an annual event that takes place every August long-weekend in Edmonton. Right in the heart of Edmonton’s scenic river valley, and very close to the University of Alberta’s north campus, the Festival draws visitors from around the province of Alberta and even across the continent, where they can spend time sampling the tastes, smells, sights, and sounds of the many cultures represented in Canada.




- By: Nathalie Batres (who you can follow on the UAlberta International Instagram)


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