A Day in the life of Deborah



My name is Deborah Agube and I am a Faculty of Arts student from Nigeria.

In my first year at UAlberta I lived on campus at the student residence Lister. As an Art student my classes were across campus, so obviously I complained every morning about going across campus – because it seemed so far! On the bright side living in Lister was worth every single step I took to class. I lived on the second floor of Kelsey hall, so sadly I didn’t have an amazing view or anything, but my floor mates made every single aspect of living in Lister worthwhile. In basic words Lister is a place where you learn to become a part of a community.


It’s awesome!!


Do not make the mistake I made by not joining your floor’s dodge ball team if you end up living in Lister. Dodge ball is literally EVERYTHING to the Lister community. I wasn’t part of the team but I was there for every game (so maybe I didn’t miss that much after all!).


I came to learn that leaving my room was kind of essential to appreciating the UAlberta campus more, because in addition to my floor mates they were many more amazing people to meet and places to see. 


Soon I found the fishpond (Gawd did I fall in love). It is so amazing, if you love and appreciate nature it’s a very calming place to be.



At some point winter does come though, and it’s true that while the snow does make everything feel magical, some mornings you wake-up and just wish you could sit in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and skip classes. As tempting as it is though, it’s not smart to fall under the temptation of missing classes (because that usually comes back to bite you in the behind).



Class are amazing – most of the time. I am a Sociology major

and International Studies minor. I am still trying to get things together but if I have learned anything from my first year, it is that you should not miss classes and that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions in class. I’ll let you in on a secret: a bunch of people in your class probably have your exact same question. So when you ask a question you become someone’s secret hero!!



Other than going to classes you need to do a bit of studying (maybe more than a bit). That’s where Rutherford Library comes to the rescue for me. I love Rutherford Library!!


Finally, UAlberta is an amazing campus, big and scary in a way, but it’s alright because sooner than imagine you will find your place on campus. As an international student the truth is it kind of will be different than what you are used to, but that is what makes your experience here more fun. Don’t be scared 

to talk to the first person you see (they will probably be friendly). Don’t be scared to follow what you love, and I promise you will find a bunch of things that you love both on campus and in Edmonton. Be positive – it takes you a long way.


I hope UAlberta treats you well…. : )


Deborah is an international student from Nigeria. Before attending the University of Alberta she studied at  Capital Science Academy, Kuje Abuja, Nigeria.




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