Cool Buildings on Campus - Edmonton Clinic Health Academy!

Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA) is one of the newest buildings on campus! This building brings together researchers, educators and students from all faculties. If you are in nursing, pharmacy, or other health science programs, you will most likely have at least some classes in this beautiful modern building.


As a nursing student, all of my lectures and labs are in ECHA, so I spend most of my time there. With all the great things in ECHA (not to mention coffee shops and a cafeteria), I never need to leave the building during the day! Some of my favourite features of ECHA include:



The outside of ECHA is made up of colorful windows.  Not only does this look nice from the outside, but it allows a lot of natural light into the building. With all the sunny Edmonton weather, it is always bright inside ECHA.

Study Spaces

ECHA has a lot of spaces for studying. There are private silent study rooms, group seminar rooms, couches and tables located throughout the building that are available for anyone to use.



Instead of carrying around a large stack of books or a jacket all day, you can put your belongings in the lockers that ECHA has available for students. There are many lockers throughout the building that are all color coded so you do not forget which end of the building you are on. Red and yellow colors mean you are on the north end, while green and blue mean you are on the south end.


Computer Labs

There are three large computer labs in ECHA available for students. You can use these computers for homework, studying, printing, or even writing exams in some classes.


Health Science Labs

For health science programs such as nursing, labs are held in simulation rooms. These lab rooms are designed to look like real hospital settings and have practice tools for you to learn with!


Public Transport Access

ECHA is connected to a subway station (in Edmonton, the subway is called the “LRT” - light-rail transit). This makes it very easy to travel to different places in Edmonton right from the door of ECHA. You can even wait inside the building until your train comes!

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Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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