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When the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS) opened a couple years ago, I was so excited! A few of my classes were moved into this beautiful, modern building. CCIS is one of the newest buildings on the UAlberta campus and is definitely one of the busiest places for students to be. With lecture halls that seat up to 500 students, various laboratories, five different research groups, and plenty of student seating and study space, you can see why it would be so busy!

Above: (Left) CCIS, attached to the Chemistry Building. (Right) A close up of CCIS while students enjoy spending time outside.

CCIS is home to the student services office of the Faculty of Science. If you are a science student coming to UAlberta, you will have many lectures and labs in this building. The Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society (ISSS) is also located in CCIS. They can help you out with career resources, study groups, locker rentals, and graduation photos. CCIS is also connected to three other science buildings: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and the Earth Sciences Building! (See a campus tour!)

Above: (Left) The Faculty of Science Student Services office. (Centre) Connection to the Biological Sciences Building. (Right) CCIS Lecture Hall.

CCIS is one of my favourite places to hang out on campus. There are many different levels, allowing a lot of openness and natural light to flow throughout the building. There are also many seating areas for students to study at or just spend time with friends!

Above: (Left) Main Floor CCIS. (Middle) The upper east levels of CCIS. (Right) Student common/study space in CCIS.

One of the really cool things about CCIS is the mosaic on the floor, which spans 40,000 square feet! You can walk around and see various contributions to the sciences, such as the neuron.

Above: (Left) A picture of one section of the floor mosaic. (Middle) A real section of the floor mosaic.

There are also other displays around the building showcasing various science disciplines. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can go up to the observatory at the top of the building and look at the stars through the telescope! 

Above: (Left) A geology display in CCIS basement (Middle) Looking out the telescope in the CCIS observatory.

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Written by: Caitlin Chalmers


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