Career Development at the University of Alberta

Getting a degree from the University of Alberta means that you will be gaining accreditation from one of the world’s top 100 universities and this alone means you’ll have a leg up over other candidates from lesser well-known universities. In addition to being a highly respected educational institution, however, the University of Alberta provides its students with many career development opportunities to make sure they graduate ready to succeed in their chosen career path with confidence and experience. Here are just some of the services international students can take advantage of when they come study at the University of Alberta:



CAPS is the University of Alberta’s career center. Some of the services they offer include mock interviews, career planning help, mentorship placements, help securing work, as well as advice and help for applying to grad school. In their main office in the student’s union building they offer a career resource center that has more than 1,400 resources dedicated to career management and work search!


Career Mentoring Program

The CAPS Career Mentoring Program connects UAlberta students with a volunteer career mentor from the community. You and your mentor work together to develop the professional skills, knowledge, attitudes and connections that you’ll need as you make the transition into the world of work. A perfect way to determine if you dream career is really right for you or to build invaluable contacts in your industry of choice! 


Green and Gold Grant

The Green and Gold Student Leadership and Professional Development Grant (Green and Gold Grant) helps UAlberta students become leaders in their chosen profession following graduation by providing funding to participate in high impact professional development activities. Some examples of what students have used the fund for in the past include international conferences and seminars, skill-building workshops, and various other learning activities! I used my Green and Gold Grant to go to a conference on sustainable business in Montreal and it was definitely one of the highlights of my university career!


International Student Work Study Program

International Student Work Study Program (ISWSP) helps full-time undergraduate international students develop their work search tools, skills and find summer jobs on campus. Through ISWSP you get the chance to apply for summer on-campus jobs only open to International Students. This gives you the great opportunity to gain valuable Canadian work experience and earn some extra money to fun your travels and schooling!


Internships and work experience programs

The University of Alberta’s Business School and Faculty of Engineering have their own co-ops that students can participate in to gain work experience in their chosen professions. As a UAlberta student though you also have to opportunity to work with CAPS to find internship and practicum placements all over Edmonton, Canada, and the world! From working in a consulate in Washington, DC to finding a placement in a hospital here in Edmonton, the possibilities are endless!  


Written By: Nathalie Batres (whom you can follow on the UAlberta International Instragram)


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