Bang for your Buck: What you get for a University of Alberta Degree

Choosing a University can be a daunting task. So many things are taken into account when choosing where to spend at least (and often times more) four years of your life. Does the school offer your dream program? Are there scholarships you can apply to? How much will your degree cost? What city is the University located? All these questions and many more are taken into account when choosing the right university for you. So to make your search a little easier we decided to write a small list of the things the University of Alberta offers you.

  1. One of the Top 5 Canadian University

It is not secret that the University of Alberta is one of Canada’s leading universities, but you shouldn’t take our word for it! We suggest you check out the QS World University Rankings or the Globe and Mail’s University Report Card in which we continually rank high, and these are just some of our rankings…we don’t have time to go over all of them.

  1.  400 Different Programs offered

The University of Alberta has more than 200 Undergraduate programs to explore and over 170 different graduate programs as well as various continuing studies programs and courses, because you can never stop learning!


  1. Home to the Second Largest Library System in Canada

Augustana Campus Libaray, Bibliothéque Saint-Jean, Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, Cameron Scinece and Technology Libaray, the Data Library, the Herbert T. Coutts Library (Education), Music Library, John Scott Health Sciences Library, Humanities and Social Sciences Library…yeah and that’s only half of them. We think you get the picture.

  1. $91,000,000 Available in Student Support

There is so many Scholarship and Awards offered at the University of Alberta, as well as Bursaries, continuing awards, transfer awards and let’s not even get started on the graduate and continuing studies awards (for both Canadian and International Applicants) that the University has to offer. The University of Alberta believes great education should be affordable. Period.

  1. Over 300 different Student Groups

Whether it be the very popular Dance Club, the UAlberta Alpine Ski Team, the Aboriginal Student Council, AIESEC Edmonton, or Amnesty International, or even the Brain Awareness Movement, trust us: there is a club for you.

  1. Number ONE : in Undergraduate Teaching Awards

The University of Alberta leads the country with 34 academic staff who have recieved national 3M Teaching Fellowships, Canada's highest award for excellence in undergraduate university teaching. The teachers here care, and they have awards to prove it.

  1. University of Alberta School in Cortona Italy

Each year, students from all Faculties and disciplines travel to Cortona, Italy and enroll in courses that take advantage of this unique Tuscan location. Instead of studying it in a textbook, students actually travel to see Michelangelo's David.Instead of learning Italian in a lab, the students live it!


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