9 Free Helpful Apps For International Students

1) UAlberta App

This app is fantastic and very helpful for any UAlberta student. It includes campus news, events, maps and you can also access your timetable and Edmonton bus/ subway schedules.

More information >


2) Weather App

Living abroad, usually means you are experiencing a climate that is slightly different, or very different, from the one you are used to! Be prepared every day by keeping a weather app on your phone or computer. Most smart phones come with a built-in weather app or you can download one here >


3) Free text-messaging services

Keep in touch with your family back home! There are multiple apps available in Canada that you can use to communicate with family over a wi-fi (internet) signal. You can use free apps like iMessage, Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype to talk to family and friends back home and tell them about all of your UAlberta adventures!


4) Food & Restaurant Apps

Want to experience really good Edmonton restaurants? Get the “No Wait” app so you can easily put yourself “in line” for the next table or see if the restaurants nearest to you are busy. You can also download “Yelp”, which allows users to rate and review restaurants and businesses in Edmonton, so you can see what is the most popular!



5) Language Translation App

Moving abroad is one of the best ways to improve your skills in another language. If you need a quick translation that you aren’t quite sure of, we suggest using an app like Google Translate.*

*UAlberta has specific English-language requirements, so be sure to check out what you need before applying >


6) Music Apps

One of the ways you can get to know Canadian culture, is through our music! Heard a song on the radio, but don’t know who it is? You can use an app called Shazam , which will tell you who the musician is and what the song is called when held up to the radio. You can also listen music for free on Spotify or Songza, both have Canadian-specific content.




7) Edmonton Transit App

Access real-time information on bus and subway schedules, as well as route planning through the Edmonton Transit app.


Remember, UAlberta students have access to the U-Pass, which is included in your tuition fees and gives you access to the bus and subway systems for no extra charge while you are taking a full course load.


8) Gmail App

UAlberta’s student email service is hosted through Gmail, so it is really easy to access and keep track of your emails from your phone or tablet!

Access UAlberta email and apps here >


9) Google Maps

When you need a directions in a new city, an app like Google Maps will be your favourite! Not only can you get directions in real-time, but you can also save directions and maps to your phone, so when you don’t have an internet connection, you can still easily find your way around!

Get Google Maps here >
Article by Alyssa Ott

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