7 Reasons Why You Should Study in Canada in Edmonton (and at UAlberta)

The University of Alberta is not only a world renowned educational institute (top 5 in Canada and in the top 100 in the world) it is also located in one of Canada’s most dynamic cities: Edmonton. From amazing food options to over 150 kilometers of nature trails, here are 7 reasons why I fell in love with this city, and why you will too.


1.       The River Valley.

Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River Valley is North America’s largest stretch of urban parkland. Kyaking down the river, biking, hiking, cross-country skiing – it will all be at your fingertips when you live on campus (which is actually located along the river valley!)

(Photo Credit: City of Edmonton)


2.       Food!!

You can eat amazing food from literally every country in the world here in Edmonton – one of the many benefits of having a healthy and active multicultural community! My favourite place for tacos? Tres Carnales.


(Photo Credit: Eating Is the Hard Part Blog)


3.       Shopping in one of Canada’s Shopping Capitals.

If there is one thing Edmontonians do well it’s shop. Once home to the world’s largest mall, West Edmonton Mall (now North America’s largest mall), the city is filled with beautiful malls and charming boutique streets where you’ll find the perfect anything you’re seeking.

(Photo Credit: Please Take Me To)


4.       Patio Breaks overlooking the River Valley.

Everyone should have the experience of enjoying sunset on the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald's patio. One of my favourite spots in the city.

(Photo Credit: Jim Byers' Travel Blog)


5.       The Farmer’s Markets.

Edmonton is home to a number of Farmer’s Markets scattered all over the city. UAlberta is located close to two of its most popular ones: The Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market and the City Market Downtown.


8am from Old Strathcona Farmers' Market on Vimeo.




6.       17 hours of daylight in high Summer. Enough said.


Movers in Edmonton

(Photo Credit: Great Canadian Van Lines)


7.       The Strong Art Scene. 

Edmonton is home to a number of famous festivals including the Fringe Festival which is the largest and oldest Fringe Theater Festival in North America. Other favourites include the annual Edmonton Folk Music Festival and Heritage Days.


(Photo Credit: The Edmonton Sun)


Written By: Nathalie Batres (who you can follow on the UAlberta IRR Instagram Page )


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