5 ways studying in Edmonton, AB will make you more adventurous


#1 - You’ll experience new things

Moving abroad means you will try new things and have experiences you could never have back home. Maybe you have never seen snow in person, tried a Canadian food dish called “poutine” or witnessed some of the largest mountains in the world? These are just a few of the things you can experience while attending UAlberta and we are sure you will love them all! 


#2 - You’ll meet new friends from all over the world

Edmonton and UAlberta are both very multicultural. UAlberta has over 6,500 international students from 160 countries. Getting involved on campus or living in a student residence are just a couple ways you can make friends from all over the world and learn about different cultures.




#3 - You’ll experience awe-inspiring nature

Alberta’s varied landscapes are sure to bring out your inner explorer. Driving through the winding roads of our Rocky Mountains or hiking in the desert valleys of Southern Alberta, are some of the coolest things you can ever do! Plus, Edmonton’s river valley is the largest urban parkland in all of North America, so you don’t even have to travel outside of the city to enjoy some pretty spectacular nature.

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#4 - UAlberta will give you access to the rest of the world

If moving abroad to study at UAlberta has given you the urge to explore, you don’t have to put your travelling dreams on hold to continue your studies. UAlberta is globally recognized at a high academic standard. This means that we have partners all over the world and multiple ways that you can travel abroad while obtaining your UAlberta degree. Between our exchange programs, partnering institutions and internships, you can see the rest of the world while earning credits towards your degree.


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#5 - You’ll discover more about yourself

University is generally the first time most of us live on our own. At UAlberta, we believe this time in your life is all about discovery and adventure! Your post-secondary years aren’t just about studying, they’re also about having great experiences that help you explore who you are and what you want to do with your life. Not only is Edmonton super friendly, it also has a large entrepreneurial community and UAlberta is a part of that. Our flexible programs and on-campus resources will allow you to discover your career, get involved on campus, meet new friends and try new things.


So go for it and achieve excellence through exploration!


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Written by Alyssa Ott



Photo credits: Sledding image by Haley Kjar. Jasper roadway image courtesy of TravelGumbo. Maligne Lake image by Jared Chambers. 


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