5 Things that Make UAlberta Residences Different


Cohorts for Arts and Science Student

The University of Alberta offers students who are looking to further enhance their on campus residence experience the opportunity to be a part of academic cohort floors where students can meet people with common interest and goals, while also taking advantage of more opportunities to meet professors and receive academic support.


The two cohort options are the Arts Leadership Cohort and the Science Residence cohort.  In the Arts Leadership Cohort students develop leadership skills and have an impact on campus and the community as a whole. Some activities students in the Arts Leadership Cohort take part in are volunteering at a local food bank and planning a speaker series on global issues. In the Science cohort students live on the same floor with other science students in Classic Lister and take part in various opportunities and activities available including exclusive tours of various science museums and resource centers and unique opportunities to meet professors in the science faculty.  


Large Student Community on Campus (2nd largest in Canada)

There are literally thousands of students at UAlberta who choose to stay in student residence. This means that international students are bound to find a community of friends and fellow students that can provide support and awesome memories.


Dry (Alcohol Free) and Quite Floors

One of the many special things about UAlberta residences is the ability to really customize your residence experience to suit your needs. For example students can choose to request quite floors that feature extended quite hours on both evenings and weekends, or Alcohol-Free floors for students who prefer an alcohol free environment.


More than 80% of the cafeteria food is locally sourced

From a Grill Station that offers things like pork chops, chicken breasts, or even a burger, to a Deli Station that offers and assortment of sandwiches and Pita Pizzas, Lister Center (where many UAlberta first year students begin their residence experience) offers and assortment of culinary choices. Also in Lister Center more than 80% of the food in the cafeteria is locally sourced and both CSJ and Augustana Campus regularly host meals that are centred on local, sustainable and vegetarian-friendly foods.


Community Service Learning Program


The Community Service Learning Program links academic understanding to community-based experiences. When in residence students have the options of joining a community service learning program the includes such ongoing programs like volunteering at the Edmonton Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton, or even volunteering for a Red Cross Blood Drive. For students who want a little bit of an international experience they can join students from across difference residences and participate in an annual international project. In these projects students fundraise together and travel to different areas of the world such as Sansonate, El Salvador or Misahualli, Ecuador (which is the 2012 destination), and help assist in building projects as well as other much needed endeavours.   



Here is a video that further explains some of the services avaliable to students on Residence!



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