5 Reasons to Pick UAlberta


It is coming close to that time of year where some of you will be hearing back from the various universities you applied to about whether or not you were accepted. Like most students you didn’t apply just at one place, but rather at a range of places and soon you will have to make a very tough decision. There are a number of things you will probably be considering regarding your university choice including cost, university reputation, quality of life etc. While here at the International Office we are probably are a little bias (okay perhaps A LOT), we decided we would come up with a short list of why you should pick UAlberta over your other options! Okay here we go:


  1. Worldwide opportunities without feeling small or lost

Edmonton, Alberta is incredibly culturally diverse. In fact a whopping 26% of Edmontonions are native speakers of another language other than English or French and it is easy to find culturally specific community groups throughout the city. If you are missing a specific dish from home, you will almost always find it here in Edmonton where there are hundreds of different types of ethnic restaurants and grocery stores just waiting to transport you back home or to another country for bit. It’s what makes living in Edmonton so much fun as you literally have the world at your doorstep! That being said Edmonton is actually on the smaller side of large cities, with just over one million people calling the city home, so while you will feel like your living in a truly multicultural mecca you will won’t feel overwhelmed by the city size or population.


(Picture Taken by Nathalie Batres)

  1. Study almost anything you want

Have a thing for dinosaurs and want to major in Paleontology? Interested in Global Health? How about completing a bilingual French/English Business degree? Well UAlberta has all that and more. But you should check out the options for yourself…  


  1. UAlberta is your Launch Pad to the World

Okay so if you are addicted to travel and know that you want to come to Canada…but still see Peru, Australia, Singapore, or Finland, then not to worry. UAlberta offers over 250 abroad programs to over 40 destinations around the world, so when you go back home you’ll be the most travelled of all your friends.


  1. Work While Studying

International students at UAlberta can work in Canada while studying and for three years after graduation as well, which means you will have some extra pocket money to put away for a rainy day or use for your many weekend trips to the beautiful Rocky Mountains!


  1. Reputation

Look at most UAlberta faculty webpages and you’ll see many of UAlberta’s programs rank as top in their field. In fact just a few weeks ago our business school was ranked as one of the top 100 business schools in the world, but don’t take our word for it, come check out the programs for yourself!!!


Well there you have it people, I wish you the very best in your university career and hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon around campus!


By: Nathalie Batres


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