5 quick facts about the University of Alberta

Of course, it's a large university with a lot going on...so there's a lot to learn. That's why we thought we'd start with 5 quick facts to introduce you to the University of Alberta.

1. UAlberta was founded in 1908 and was the first university in the province.

University of Alberta 1908University of Alberta North Campus Edmonton
 (photo credit: University of Alberta archives)             Now

At the time of its opening, UAlberta had just 4 or 5 professors and 45 students.  Today, the University has grown to more than 39,000 students and 2,500 professors and teaching staff!  UAlberta continues to be largest postsecondary institution in the province of Alberta.

2. Our school colours are green and gold – here’s why.

University of Alberta green and gold

When UAlberta students want to show school spirit, they wear green and gold, the official university colours. Green and gold are also an important part of the university logo, flag, and more. 

These colours were chosen to represent the natural beauty of the province of Alberta and the environment at UAlberta. The river valley that surrounds North Campus is beautiful and green all summer, and then the leaves change to amazing gold and red colours in Fall. 

“The green represents the wide stretches of prairie land flanked by deep spruce forests and is symbolic of hope and optimism; the gold represents the golden harvest fields and is symbolic of the light of knowledge”  Source: University of Alberta Senate

3. We have two mascots: GUBA and Patches.

University of Alberta mascots GUBA Patches


GUBA (Great University Bear of Alberta) is the mascot for the men’s varsity athletic teams, while Patches the Panda is the mascot for the women’s varsity athletic teams.  

Keep an eye out for them when you go to UAlberta sports games and events!

4. UAlberta has five campuses.

University of Alberta North Campus Edmonton
  View of UAlberta North Campus 
                        Photo credit: Richard Siemens 
  • North Campus is the largest campus and is home to the majority of UAlberta’s Faculties and programs.  North Campus is located centrally in Edmonton, Alberta. 
  • Campus Saint-Jean is the French-speaking campus, and is about a 10-minute bus ride away from North Campus.
  • Augustana Campus is our smaller, liberal-arts campus located in Camrose, Alberta, which is about an hour away from Edmonton.
  • South Campus is a 5 minute subway ride from North Campus and is home to world-class athletic and research facilities.
  • Enterprise Square is located downtown and is home to many UAlberta offices and the English Language Program (which offers ESL classes).

    BONUS: We also have a satellite campus in Cortona, Italy!  
Take a virtual tour and explore our campuses. 

5. UAlberta is located in one of the sunniest cities in North America.

ECHA University of Alberta winterTory building University of Alberta summer
Sunshine and blue sky in Winter
  (ECHA building)                Sunshine and blue sky in Summer (Tory Building)

UAlberta is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (with a campus in Camrose, Alberta).  Does it snow here? Yes (during winter), but guess what?  Even in winter, even when there is snow on the ground, Edmonton is still one of the sunniest places around.  We wear our sunglasses all year long!   

We get up to 17 hours of sunshine per day in Summer, which means that you can make the most out of the beautiful, hot weather.  

Now you know some basic facts about the University of Alberta…don’t stop there!  Get more information and learn about our academic programs! 



Article by Julia Jones-Bourque


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